Interview with 2010 S prospect Josh Furman

TSR's Kenny Gartner talks with Josh Furman at the Baltimore Combine

You ran a 4.36 today. How does that make you feel heading into the heavy part of the recruiting season?

"It feels great because when I first ran my combine I ran a 4.37, so I definitely wanted to try and improve it."

Have you heard anything from Maryland?

"Yeah, Maryland was my first offer. My father played there in 1972-73"

Do you have a top five or are there any schools that are catching your interest?

"I am a big college football fan, so a lot of schools are catching my interest. With the scholarship offers that I have, I am blessed to have them and I hope I get more. We will see after the football season what college is going to be the best fit."

What style football do you see yourself playing in at the college level?

"It really doesn't matter as long as I am playing with ten other great players, and we go hard to the football, I am happy."

TSR thanks Josh Furman for taking the time to talk to us during the combine.

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