TSR Talks to 2010 SG Prospect Victor Oladipo

TSR's Mike Rubin talks to 2010 shooting guard prospect Victor Oladipo

Interview with Victor Oladipo

How is the recruiting process going? What is it like being coveted by college programs you grew up idolizing?

"I remember a few years ago not even thinking about getting a full scholarship. When I broke my foot a few years ago, I didn't think I would ever be in the position that I am now. Now, having all of these colleges looking at me and coaches wanting me to play for their program its likes a blessing from God. I am just thankful.

What have you been doing since the season has ended?

"Every morning I work-out at 7-7:45 before school starts. After school on Tuesday and Thursday's I lift weights and work out. I am also playing AAU for Team Takeover"

What schools have offered you scholarships?

"Maryland, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Clemson, Xavier, Indiana, UMASS, George Mason, and UNC Charlotte."

Have the recent coaching changes affected how or when you will make your decision?

"That could be big in my decision. VCU was recruiting me before but now the head coach is at Alabama and Coach Miller (Xavier) is now at Arizona. It hasn't really affected me yet. It has just added two more schools to my list."

How does Maryland stack up?

"They are very high on my list. They are one of the first programs to start recruiting me and they are the first school to offer me a scholarship so I will always have them in consideration."

Have they told you about the role you would be asked to have when you come in?

"No, they have not told me yet. If I ever talk to the Coach (Williams), I would probably ask him that."

Have you been on a visit to Maryland? Met any of the players? Gone to any games?

"I have been to a couple games. I have met all the players. Sometimes I even work out with Greivis in the mornings up at Dematha. I have been to a few football games. I live right down the street so it is easy to get there"

Are there any schools that have not offered you that you wish would?

"I always grew up dreaming of getting an offer from UNC. I was a Michael Jordan fan my whole life. I even wear number 23 like him. I do not know if I would get the type of playing time at UNC that I could elsewhere, but just receiving an offer from them would sort of fulfill a dream."

What don't people know about you that would surprise them?

"I live out in the middle of nowhere, Upper Marlboro. There is lot of deer and farmland out there. There really isn't anything to do up here except for read or play basketball. That's all I really do is play basketball. Even when I was in my mom's womb she had a dream of receiving a basketball from Hakeem Olajuwon. All that stuff about sleeping with the basketball, I have done all that. I just want to be great at something. I want to be remembered as doing something great. I want people to remember who I am. I am the only boy in my family right now. My dad's brothers all passed away and it's just my dad and me. My dad is trying to help my family of six to stay healthy and go to school. I am the only boy in my family. So I know its up to me to keep my family name alive. I know when I wake up every morning and when I work out, I know its not only for me to get better but its for them too, to keep my name out there. I do it every day."

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