Maryland is in the Mix

Conner Davis from Deep Run HS in Virginia says that he does not have a list of schools that he is most interested in. Instead he is just taking in as much information as he can about all schools showing interest in him. Because of Maryland's proximity to his hometown, he says the Terps will definitely be a school he looks into.

Conner Davis already has an impressive list of schools that have offered, including Virginia, Boston College, Virginia Tech, Duke, West Virginia, Wake Forest, Syracuse, and Maryland, with a number of other schools showing high interest in him, most notably Ohio State. Davis says the most popular question he is asked is to name his top three or top five schools, but he remains constant in saying that he does not have any favorites. Davis is just listening to everything the schools have to say and will focus on narrowing down the field when his senior football season starts.

Davis lives right outside of Richmond, Virginia, and says that because Maryland is so close to home, they will certainly be a school he considers.

"I talk to (offensive line coach) Tom Brattan a whole lot," says Davis. "He is a really good coach and an even nicer guy. He says that Maryland is very interested in me playing offensive tackle for them. I have been up to Maryland a few times. I was there back in August when they played California. Maryland has a beautiful stadium with all the football facilities attached to it, which is a plus. Coach Brattan showed me around and gave me an in-depth tour of all their facilities. The entire coaching staff is very nice, they made me feel very welcome. One of the most important things to me is the weight room, and Maryland's was top of the line. I was extremely impressed with the set up and the massive size of the weight room. I practically live in our schools gym so that is something that is very important to me."

Davis also likes the proximity of College Park to his home.

"Maryland is about two hours away from where I live outside of Richmond. It is not too bad of a drive which is a plus. My parents would definitely be able to get to my games and not have to take any time off of work to do so. I have gotten a bunch of positive feedback from Maryland regarding my footwork and my size. They say that I would fit right in at tackle for them."

Davis is working his butt off this offseason, and has already added over 40-pounds to his 6-foot-5 frame.

"I was right around 235-pounds by the end of last season," says Davis. "Right now I am 280. It is good weight too, not just flab. I have improved my strength a whole lot and have stayed agile. The worst thing for me would be to put on a bunch of weight and then not be able to move around. My footwork is something that coaches are most pleased with, so if I couldn't move anymore that would not be good. When Maryland offered back in February they said they were very happy with the weight I had added already and to just keep it up. They said to hold up at offensive tackle in the ACC you need to be right around 300-pounds. I was right around 250-pounds during two-a-days and went all the way down to 235 by the end of my season. The first 15-pounds I put back on were pretty easy. I try to eat a lot, but no junk food. Eating smart is the best thing for me. Also we do a lot of Olympic lifts at my school. Stuff like power cleans, squats, deadlifts, and of course benching. I have always had a big frame, but I still considered myself skinny for an offensive tackle. I am feeling really good about myself right now at 280-pounds. If I could get up to 300-pounds by the time the season starts and maintain a weight around 275 the whole season I would be extremely happy."

So does Maryland really have a shot at landing Davis?

"I am definitely going to consider Maryland. They have a few things going for them. They are known as ‘the Underarmour school' which is cool. I also know that they take academics very seriously and that is important to me. I heard that if you are late or you miss class that the punishment is running stadiums, which I am not too fond of, so I would rather be in class than have to run those steps. Also a bunch of their coaches went to the school so it makes them that much more committed to what they're doing. I started following them a few years back when I was playing tight end because I was a Vernon Davis fan. I have been keeping an eye on them ever since."

Maryland has also had their eyes on Davis for a while now. We will get a better feel for Davis' recruiting when he starts camping this summer and starts taking his official visits.

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