Academics is most important for Devin Clark

While Clark really likes the University of Maryland, its close proximity to his home is a minus for him.

Devin Clark is conflicted.

The 6-foot-5, 250 lbs. Dunbar offensive lineman really likes Maryland, but it's close proximity is more of a minus than a plus.

"I don't want to be home," Clark said. "I've talked to Coach Franklin and he knows that I want to get out of the state. I know he'd look after me and always have my back but he knows that I have other options."

He says that he will continue to consider Maryland, but it appears that other schools have the upper hand on him. Currently he says UNLV, Morgan State, Towson, West Virginia, Michigan State, Central Michigan, Virginia, Toledo, Connecticut, and Rutgers are all recruiting him.

He has already visited West Virginia, Towson, and Maryland with plans to visit Central Michigan, UNLV, and Michigan State in the months of September and October.

For Clark it is much more about the prestige of the academics of a school rather than football that matters to him.

"I want to go to a good school and get my degree in nursing," he said. "Anybody can go the league from any school. That's not my biggest concern."

For an under the radar recruit like Clark, being named to the Super Sixty of the Maryland Crab Bowl is quite an achievement.

"It feels amazing," he said about making the Maryland Crab Bowl roster. "I never thought that I'd be in this position because I have always been a basketball player. I've only been playing football for about five years."

For someone having only been playing football for five years he has clearly come a long way. Clark is a strong guard that can really push defensive lineman back, but admits he still has things to work on.

"I'm trying to work on my strength, speed, and technique the most this off-season," he said.

All of the hard work is for one reason, and that is to help his team advance far this season in the state playoffs. While star running back Tavon Austin has moved on, Clark still has a lot of hope for this season and says he is "focused only on states right now."

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