2010 Prospect Cullen Christian Talks Offers

2010 prospect Cullen Christian talks about the recruiting process

For a team player like Cullen Christian, winning seems to be at the top of his list. Christian enters his senior season at Penn Hills SHS in Pittsburgh, PA with an impressive list of interested football programs, each with an offer. It was recently reported that Christian had narrowed down his list to five schools, one of which he will be able to call home in the fall of 2010. The list of lucky contenders for this prize cornerback include: Michigan, UCLA, West Virginia, Pittsburgh, and Maryland.

Since all interested programs have informed Christian that playing time as a true freshmen is in his reach if he works hard, something has to stand out in order for the decision to be made. A reporter from Scout.com recently talked to Christian about the recruiting process and asked him some questions about how he will make his decision.

When asked what he was looking for in a potential school, Christian mentioned tradition to be a very important factor. In addition, Christian looks for coaches that will, “Coach me to be the best that I can be,” as well as good training and, of course, academics. What Christian seemed most adamant about when choosing the school for him was a family-like atmosphere. When asked about the specifics on each school on his short list, Christian responded as such:

Michigan-“Michigan was my favorite school growing up and they were the first offer; they've shown a lot of interest.”

UCLA-“I like them because they are so far out in distance, but still show so much interest. They told me I'm number one on their board.” Christian says the fact that he is from the east coast and is getting notice from the west coast shows how much interest they really have.

West Virginia-“I like how everything is set up there, everything is close, it's only a forty-five minute drive.” Christian also commented on the detailed coaching, particularly from the cornerbacks coach.

Pittsburgh-“They told me that I could come in and get some playing time as a true freshmen.” Christian would be coming into a program at Pitt that would be graduating two senior corners.

Maryland-“They have a really nice campus, nice people…the coaching is good…I could learn there.” Christian was also informed that he could battle for a starting job.

Christian compares his game to that of Malcolm Jenkins. It's easy to see that Christian's explosive speed, great instincts, and overall talent mirror that of Jenkins in an eerily similar way.

Cullen Christian has a difficult decision to make. As of right now he knows he wants to take a look at all the schools thoroughly so he doesn't make a last minute choice. Cullen expects to have a decision made by sometime in October. “Growing up, when you're a kid, you never think that you will be looked at like you are…it's a dream.” Make no mistake, when this kid steps out on the field for the first game of his senior season, he will have college football coaches and fans waiting in the wings.

Christian reports a 2.7 core GPA and a 1440 three-part SAT and 1020 two part SAT.

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