High 5 and Low 5 In Terps Against MTSU

TSR's Matt Owings highlights the top five things that took place Saturday and the worst five.

The High Five


Terps wide receiver Torrey Smith looked scary good throughout the entire game. His 5 receptions for 165 yards and two touchdowns in the loss of MTSU showed that he is an obvious favorite target to quarterback Chris Turner. So far this year, it's plain to see that Sophomore Torrey Smith is the key to winning games for the Terps. When he gets the ball, big plays are bound to happen. Whether it's on special teams or a long 3rd down conversion, you know if the ball is in the hands of Torrey Smith, magical things can take place.

The Two-Headed Monster

In the loss against MTSU, Maryland sported their double team running attack consisting of Da'Rel Scott and Davin Meggett. Between the two of them, their 31 carries for 168 yards and two touchdowns has to make the coaching staff smile a bit for games to come. If the Terps can consistently produce good numbers at the running back position, it makes one less area of needed improvement at practice. And Maryland fans know that there are many areas that need some serious work.

Schism Chism

Sophomore Cornerback Cameron Chism put up some impressive numbers on a day where defense was not the headlining attribute by the Terps. Chism's 12 tackles (9 of them solo) and two interceptions show that there might be some promise in the weak Terps defense. Chism's numbers have only gone up over the weeks so it will be exciting to see how he produces this week against the likes of Rutgers.


The Terps have one of the younger teams in the NCAA this year. Between RB Davin Meggett (soph.), WR Torrey Smith (soph.), K Nick Ferarra (fresh.), and a young offensive line, this young group of turtles looks to be a big threat in years to come. Only time will tell with the young Terps, but it is still exciting to think that Maryland has such a large group of young talent.

Captain Turner

Forget a costly interception, Chris Turner showed poise and determination in the pocket as he delivered on 19 of 30 for 288 yards and two touchdowns. Every quarterback goes through small rough patches, and Chris Turner is no exception. However, coming into his senior year, Turner is looking more and more like the leader that Coach Friedgen expected him to be.

The Low Five

Butterfingers Scott

Running back Da'Rel Scott fumbled the ball three times in the loss to MTSU. If the Terps want to even contend against any ACC foes, they need to be able to hold onto the ball. Da'Rel Scott has the potential to be the best running back in the ACC…but not if he turns the ball over on nearly a quarter of his carries.

Coaching Coaching Coaching

There are no clever words or any witty and humorous statements to go along with this low five. On many of the drives where the Terps needed a score and, instead, punted it away, it was obvious that the play-calling was conservative. A 3 yard run on 3rd and 8 just won't cut it. Passiveness is not the way to win when you are already in jeopardy of losing a game.

Defense Wins Championships?

The Terp defense allowed 32 points to a team that, on paper, and in reality, they should beat by a fairly large margin. Granted, the defense was on the field for the majority of the game, allowing MTSU to drive down the field in the final seconds only to kick a game-winning field goal is unacceptable. I imagine this week of practice will be focused on a fourth quarter mentality and will most likely sport many 2-minute drills.

The Big Men

Allowing a blocked field goal and plenty of pressure on Chris Turner shows that this offensive line is still a ways away from perfection. In the future, this offensive line needs to realize that their play is imperative to a winning effort by the Terps.


Enthusiastic play is important in college sports. If you want your 12th man (the crowd) to be in the game, you need to give them something to cheer about. The crowd at the Terps-MTSU game seemed to feel a bit disinterested, and it all stemmed from the fact that the Terps played a bit sluggish. You would assume that this game, full of opportunities for revenge, would have Maryland coming out to play. As a fan in the stands, I felt like I wasn't as involved in the game due to a lack of excitement on the players behalf.

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