Lovell Hopes To Make The Grade

TSR's Danny Miller caught up with Josh Lovell and talked about his potential commitment to Maryland.

Josh Lovell has decided where he wants to play football in college, but he has not been able to commit just yet. Lovell will attend the University of Maryland, as long as his grades stay strong.

The 6'5,” 260 pound tight end, with rare soft hands (for his size), hopes to make his decision official when the first quarter of school is over. He expects to have his grades on track at the end of the quarter, and is ready to be a Terp when next season rolls around.

Aside from grades, there was nothing keeping Lovell from attending Maryland. “They make me feel like they want me more and that I'll be used more. I just feel more welcome there,” he commented.

Maryland has been recruiting Lovell primarily as a tight end, but Josh mentioned he might not stay at that position as a Terp.

“[Maryland] told me I'll probably play tight end for a little bit, maybe a year or two, then I'll probably just move over to tackle at some time,” Lovell remarked.

The 3-star recruit also shares a special bond with Tom Brattan, the Terps offensive line coach. Coach Bratton and Lovell usually talk after Maryland games. This also hints that Lovell could make the transition to O-line.

Josh Lovell plans to take the SATs on October 3, which will also play a part in his commitment process. Once he receives his scores and the quarter ends on October 30, Lovell will know for sure if he will be a Terp or not.

edited by Nina Napolitano

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