Cheeseboro Reflects On Commitment

TSR's Scott Kornberg spoke to Maryland commit Tyrek Cheeseboro about his commitment to Maryland.

Some may describe the commitment of Maryland native Tyrek Cheeseboro to the University of Maryland as the perfect match. “I just wanted to do it right,” said Cheeseboro. “Maryland is my home state and it just fits me perfectly. The academics were huge for me. I know I will get a great education there.”

Academics were not the only reason Maryland ended up being the perfect match for Cheeseboro, who will play wide receiver for the Terps next fall. The coaching staff also played a huge role in making Cheeseboro feel comfortable in committing to the Terps.

“Coach Friedgen has created such a great foundation here. There have been a lot of great players to play for him. He knows everyone in the program has his back,” said Cheeseboro. “The assistant coaches are great too. Coach Franklin, Coach Huff, and Coach Griffin all saw my ability to play in high school and they think I can become a great receiver for Maryland in college.”

While some Maryland football recruits may be second-guessing their decision to come to Maryland because of the team's poor start, Cheeseboro is not worried at all. “I've watched Maryland this year, and I see a young team with a lot of guys learning on the job,” said Cheeseboro. “I think over the next couple of years, the talent will mature and this team will go to the next level.”

Cheeseboro is someone that makes the best of every situation. Instead of the lofty goal many high school football players have of winning the State Championship, Cheeseboro's goal is much more realistic. “I just want to make the most of the time left I have with my teammates,” he says. “I know I may not see a lot of them again once I move on to Maryland.”

While Maryland offers everything Tyrek Cheeseboro wants in a school, Tyrek Cheeseboro has the attitude that the Maryland coaches and fans want from a player. He knows that patience and hard work will pay off in the future for this talented, but very young team. Cheeseboro's presence in a Terp uniform could help move that process along. After all, a great season would only be fitting for this perfect match between recruit and school.

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