Big Potential, Big Swagger

TSR's Jeremy Schneider talks to Marquise Williams about his confidence and recruiting.

Does Marquise Williams have any weaknesses in his game? “…Uh, nah,” the junior quarterback from Mallard Creek High School (NC) claims. Any problems so far this year? “I've been on the bench,” Williams said, “'Cause we score too many points!”

Williams says this all with a laugh, and soon admits, “I've got the footwork, but I want to get it perfect. I know it's gonna be hard but I wanna get it so it's real good. I looked at myself on tape from last year and kept working on the footwork.”

Maybe Williams' confidence is driven by the fact that he feels he has something to prove. However, he is quick to give credit to the rest of his team as well. “I can run it. A lot of teams think I can't throw the ball but I've got more passes than running this year. When I feel pressure I can run it, but I like to stay in the pocket. I have a great line. I've been only sacked like twice this year. Hopefully I didn't just jinx them, but they've been really good.”

Despite his duel-threat ability, he idolizes a pocket-passer. “I love Matt Ryan. I'm not a Boston College fan but I've been watching him since then, he's special, man.”

Williams knows what he wants in a coach, and he knows what he wants in a program. “I want a tough coach who will win a championship and stay on you, one who even when you're doing well tells you you're doing badly,” the signal caller insists. “When I visit these schools I want to see the atmosphere and see the campus, if I can get on the field, that's all that matters.”

His list of schools is long; however, he has a special interest in each one.

Miami- “I love Miami. Most of my family is from Miami so I have a thing for Miami, I like the Canes.”

Va. Tech- “I was there last week for the Miami game. The atmosphere on game day is absolutely crazy. The fans supported them in the rain and that's great.”

Maryland- “I like the Terrapins! I watched them, they have some athletes there. They said they want me to come up there and I would help them win a national championship, but I think they'll do that before I get there. Seems pretty cool. I like Under Armour, their sponsor, so that's cool.”

LSU- “They look great. They have lots of speed, which is interesting. They look like they work together as a team.”

UNC- “Butch Davis is turning things around down there. They're cool.”

NC State- “I love the atmosphere at NC State. It was crazy. Plus they have leaders and discipline.”

Wake Forest- “I've been there plenty of times. Nothing around there, which is good. That will just get you in trouble. Good program. They have talent and discipline.”

Williams' recruiting is wide open, but whoever does land him will have quite a quarterback on their depth chart.

edited by Nina Napolitano

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