2011 Prospect Lamonte Clark Gaining Interest

2011 prospect Lamonte Clark is starting to gain interest from many colleges with Maryland being one.

F.W. Ballou defensive tackle Lamonte Clark is looking extremely strong. In addition, he is beginning to narrow down his prospective schools.

The 6-foot-3, 285-pounder compares himself to the Baltimore Ravens' massive nose tackle Haloti Ngata and dominated a Northern Virginia Underclassmen Combine last April.

The junior defensive tackle has garnered interest from some big time programs already, partly because of his speedy pass rush in spite of his big frame.

Penn State, Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina are the schools which are most actively recruiting him, Clark says. However, one school sticks out in his mind.

“Penn State is my favorite,” Clark said. “I like the attitude that they have and really like the atmosphere.”

Thus far he has visited Penn State, Maryland, and Virginia to attend football games, remarking he has enjoyed each visit. He recently had a pleasurable visit to Maryland, despite the Terrapins heartbreaking loss to Middle Tennessee State.

“He really loves the coaching staff,” his father Sean said about Maryland. “He really enjoyed his time there and it's not too far from home.”

Both Lamonte and his father agree that location is a major factor, but have differing opinions on the subject. While the younger Clark likes the fact that Maryland is only a few miles away from his home, his father would not mind seeing him go to school further away.

“I'm actually hoping he goes away for school,” Clark's father said. “Maybe only like three to four hours away…Maryland is just a little too close.”

Location, along with playing time, and the defensive scheme of the program are the biggest factors for him.

“Playing time is very important,” Clark's father said. “It's important to see how many people would be playing in front of him and whether he'd have to redshirt or could start playing right away.”

Clark hopes to make his decision as early as this summer. “I would like to have a decision made before going into my senior season,” he said. “I'll be done with all of my classes by January so I might early enroll at a school.”

He has not yet taken the SATs nor received a scholarship offer from the schools recruiting him.

article edited by Nina Napolitano

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