Uzomah Humble Amidst Potential

TSR's Jeremy Schneider talks to 2011 quarterback prospect C.J. Uzomah about the success of his North Gwinnett team and what he is looking for in choosing a school.

North Gwinnett High School (GA.) junior quarterback C.J. Uzomah has his team 5-0. He beat rival Prattville, one of the top ranked teams in the country, in his first ever start. Major programs from all over the ACC and SEC are offering him scholarships. What does he have to say for himself?

“There are a lot of things I can improve on.” Uzomah insists. “I need to work on my consistency, and getting the ball out of my hands quicker.”

Amid massive success for the Georgia gunslinger, he is quick to point out areas where he can get better as a quarterback even when analyzing his strengths, and is generous in giving credit to his team and coaches.

“I can make plays with my feet, and my strength would probably be the ability to throw the deep ball, which can really get me out of trouble. That doesn't really happen often though, I have a great offensive line.”

Finding out whom the four-star prospect's idolizes might shed some light on his confident, yet self-critiquing demeanor. “I really like Peyton Manning. He studies a lots of film, and goes over the opponent during the week. I idolize him a lot.”

Uzomah is open about where he wants to improve, and is not afraid to admit how he is feeling. “My goal coming into the season was being a better leader. I also wanted to work on making better decisions as a quarterback in general. I might have been nervous, knowing the first game was against Prattville I was maybe a little bit on edge.”

The most important factor for Uzomah in terms of school is knowing he will be happy there for four years. “If I'm going to be at a school for four years I want a place where I can be comfortable. I want to be somewhere were I can spend four years and not wake up and say 'oh my gosh, I'm still here?' I want a good foundation, a place I can comfortably study my major. I want a good atmosphere, a good fan base, where everyone is friendly.”

Where the school is located isn't really a factor, he insists. “Distance isn't so important. If I find a program I can feel comfortable in and a university I could be at for four years, then that's the biggest thing.”

The ACC and SEC intrigue Uzomah, Maryland specifically. “Maryland has a lot of tradition, they're a great program obviously, an ACC powerhouse. They have a phenomenal program up there,” Uzomah said. “The SEC and ACC are both amazing.”

Wherever Uzomah ends up, under that selfless he will bring confidence. “I wanna be the guy making the big plays at the end of the game to win it. I'll do whatever the team needs win at the end of the day.”

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