Till Back on Playing Field

TSR's Danny Miller talks to Terp commit Titus Till about coming back from his injury.

Maryland recruit Titus Till sat out of the first three games of his senior year due to a fractured scapula in his shoulder. Terps fans are not to be worried, though, as the injury came at the best time possible. Since it occurred at the start of the season, Till was able to take as much time as needed to fully recover. The Maryland commit is fully healed, and will be able to play this Friday for Dr. Henry A. Wise High School.

Titus Till is focused on his senior season and getting back on the field, but it's easy to tell that he is excited to be a Terp come next fall. All one would have to do is listen to his “Ringback” tone, which blares the Maryland Fight Song every time his cell phone rings.

Maybe one reason the 3-star commit is excited is the fact he could make an impact right away for the Terps. With the Maryland defense's shaky start, and safety Terrell Skinner graduating after this season, it would not be surprising to see Till get some playing time.

“I believe I'll get a tremendous amount of time when I come in. As long as I put in work to get faster and stronger, I'll be able to fit right in there on the defense,” Till said about making an impact as a freshman.

Defensive Coordinator Don Brown and safeties coach Kevin Lempa have also been in contact with Till. Coach Lempa talked to Till about getting him to practice as soon as possible to learn about the defense before he is able suit up. This extra experience could minimize the learning curve and help Till make an impact right away.

Titus Till also mentioned that he is not going to play basketball this year so he can focus on training for football. He believes he can work on his speed in the offseason to help his backpedal to get better for the passing game.

Till plans to wear #1 for the Terps next season, inheriting it from Terrell Skinner after he graduates. Skinner mentioned that Till might have to fight off some seniors for his number, but Titus won't back down. “That ain't no problem, I don't mind putting in work,” he declared.

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