Rexroad A Rising Star

Pete Volk talks to 2011 offensive lineman prospect Jason Rexroad (Myrtle Beach, SC).

Offensive lineman Jason Rexroad may well be one of the most underrated prospects of a loaded 2011 class. At 6'5” and 270 pounds, Rexroad is already the size of many college linemen, and the junior has shown an incredibly diverse skill set in his first two and a half years of high school play. Rexroad transferred from North Myrtle (SC) High to Myrtle Beach (SC) High before the start of this season.

So far, he has adjusted well to the new style of play. “I'm a really good run blocker,” he said. “But at Myrtle Beach we don't run that much so I don't get a chance to show it too often. At North Myrtle last year we ran a lot more than we do here, so I've been able to show both sides, I can run block and pass block. I love to just go up to the line and just take somebody's helmet off, and I don't stop until the whistle sounds.”

Rexroad has led Myrtle Beach to a 6-1 record and a #3 ranking in the state of South Carolina to start the season, with the only loss coming from Byrnes, which is ranked #2 in the nation.

“We're feeling real good,” he said. “Our first game we played a team that wasn't really good, we beat them 49-0. Byrnes beat us pretty good. Playing against them was amazing. I've never had a game that I had to actually give it my all to block them. The third game we played the 2A state champions from last year, Dillon, and we put up 55 on them, blew them out. Then two weeks ago we played Lake City, who was rated above us, and we went out there and beat them by 21 points.”

This year, at a superior football school, Rexroad is playing left guard. In his two years at North Myrtle, he played right tackle, and Rexroad hopes to play left tackle next year.

“I like tackle more because that's pretty much what I've played my whole life,” he said. “But coming in to Myrtle Beach, guard is fine. I'm only 6'5”, so I don't know where I'm going to play at the next level.”

Rexroad sees his transfer as a great move for his future in football and an easy environment to settle into. “It's been a great experience,” he said. “I went to Myrtle Beach pretty much my whole life, until the summer after 8th grade, and so it was kind of like coming back. I'm on a better team now, and I have a lot better chance of being recruited just because [Quarterback] Everett [Golson]'s on the team too and me and him are like the 1-2 punch that we have this year.”

Recruiting has really heated up for Rexroad, who says he has been getting looks from schools all over the country. Florida International is the only school that has offered him a scholarship, but he expects more to come after he sends out his film from this year. Rexroad puts academics far and away as the most important trait in a school.

“Your football career can end in one play,” he said, “one play where somebody hits you and lands on your knee wrong and you're done. So for me, academics are important.”

The Maryland Terrapins, needing a revamped offensive line, have shown great interest in Rexroad, and he says he's going to “start doing more studying on them.”

“They send me an e-mail once every two or three days,” he said. “Just to let me know what's going on up there, and they want me to come up to a game and stuff. I want to try and come up to a game, because I know Maryland's bringing something to the table after [defeating] Clemson. So I want to take an official [visit] up there, I heard it's a nice campus.”

Rexroad lists his top five schools as Oregon, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina State, and Maryland, with Colorado and Texas A&M also in the running.

edited by Nina Napolitano

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