Cosby Hopes to Hear From Terps

At 6-foot-3 and 180 pounds, 2011 prospect Aaron Cosby has begun to receive interest from some of the top programs in the country. One school he hopes to hear from is the Maryland Terrapins.

Though Aaron Cosby has picked up scholarship offers from several schools, he is still hoping to hear from Maryland.

“I'm interested in Maryland and playing in the ACC. I think it's a really good conference,” said the 6-foot-3-inch, 180-pound guard.

Cosby has heard from many programs, and has offers from several schools including Stanford, Providence, Oklahoma State, UMass, and Penn State.

Cosby said he is familiar with Maryland from watching their games on TV. He is also impressed with Coach Gary Williams.

“I know that he's a really good coach,” said Cosby. “And I know there's been some really good guards to come out of there.”

Cosby has not gotten into the full swing of recruiting just yet. He transferred from Louisville (Ky.) Jefferstown to Northfield Mount Hermon School in Northfield, Mass., and reclassified as a member of the class of 2011.

“Since I've reclassified I haven't made many visits. I've been getting settled into my new school,” said Cosby. Prior to reclassifying, Cosby said he made visits to Indiana and Minnesota.

While getting acclimated to his school, Cosby has also been making changes on the court.

“I've always been a scorer, a scoring guard. Since I came to prep school, I've been making a transition to play point guard,” said Cosby. “I love to play both positions. I'm good at finding offense for myself and for my teammates, and pressuring the ball on defense.”

As he learns a new position, Cosby is still working to improve upon things he already does well.

“I think just perfecting the things that you do well. Shooting, dribbling… those types of things,” he said. “So just working on my skills and getting better everyday. It's a process.”

When it comes down to choosing a school, Cosby knows what he will be looking for.

“Just a situation where I'm comfortable with the coaches… where the playing style fits my game, and there's a need for a player like me. And also a school with pretty good academics.”

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