Two-Sport Prospect High on Terps

Two-sport prospect Anthony Gaffney Shows Interest in Terps.

College coaches across the country can agree about this: they love versatility. 2011 prospect Anthony Gaffney is about as versatile as they come. He plays receiver, tailback, and safety for his football team, and starts at shooting guard on his basketball team.

“I'm looking at playing both, but right now football is number one,” said Gaffney, “I feel like I can play at a higher level in football, and I can do more with it in the future.”

Gaffney has seen a lot of success in both sports though. His high school team, The Pennington School in New Jersey, is 4-2 so far this season, and his basketball team won the county title for the first time last season before getting eliminated in the state tournament.

Success like this has lead several schools to show interest in the versatile Gaffney. He is very specific about the things he is looking for in a college though.

“I'm looking for a school with a great education, a college family atmosphere, and a good football program.”

Luckily for Maryland, they can offer all of this to Gaffney.

“I have a very high interest in Maryland. I love the campus, and I love the football program. The players seem very united there.”

Even with all of the struggles, injuries, and poor play this season, Gaffney remains very high on them.

When asked if Maryland's struggles will affect his decision, he responded “No, not at all. Every team goes through bad times, but they usually bounce back.”

One of the reasons he remains sure the Terps can bounce back is their coaching staff. He believes the coaching staff is still doing a good job at Maryland.

“I've spoken to running backs coach John [Donovan]. The caching staff is doing what they can. They're working pretty well with what they have.”

Gaffney also believes that, if he does end up committing to Maryland, he could make an impact as a freshman.

“I definitely could contribute as a freshman. I think I have the tools to help the team at any position.”

And, while football is Gaffney's first choice to play in college, he also remains somewhat interested in basketball.

“It would be great to play for a coach like Gary Williams. He has a legacy; he's an outstanding coach, and he's very passionate about the game. His style of play also fits my game. They play a very up-tempo style.”

Gaffney is only a junior, but he already has a group of schools he will take a close look at in 2011.

“I like Maryland a lot, but I'm also looking at UConn, as well as a few Ivy League schools, like Princeton and Columbia.”

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