Terps Hope to Lure Younger Wujciak

TSR's Jeremy Schneider talks to Connor Wujciak, younger brother of Terps linebacker Alex.

The idea of having Connor Wujciak manning the defensive line in College Park may have the Terrapin faithful salivating. However, just because Maryland fans have been fortunate enough to watch his brother, Alex Wujciak, become a tackling machine at linebacker, does not mean Connor will be following suit.

"Alex made his decision and I'm going to make my decision. I definitely like Maryland. I like the coaches and I like the program. But what's for Alex might be for me, it might not be, I can't be sure",” said the Seton Hall Prep (NJ.) junior defensive end who names former Virginia Caviler and current St. Louis Ram Chris Long as one of his favorite players. While Alex admits that he hasn't heard anything discouraging about Maryland from his brother, he is adamant about keeping his options open. And when it comes to options, Connor has many.

“All the schools I'm interested in are great football schools,” Connor said. “Right now my favorites are Boston College, Maryland and Rutgers because I have offers from those schools. Notre Dame has great football tradition, and my father played there. Those are all great schools to go to academically and socially.” Wujciak has drawn interest from Big Ten schools Penn State and Wisconsin as well. Though he has only had a chance to visit Rutgers when they faced off against Cincinnati due to his games being on Saturdays, he is excited to visit more universities.

The defensive line prospect sees himself as a balanced defender, not focusing on just pass rushing or run-stopping. “My strength is my strength. I consider myself a strong kid, and I play very physical football,” said Wujciak. “I have pretty good straight-line speed. I'm trying to work on my change-of-direction and lateral quickness. I worked on my quickness a lot in the offseason. I feel a lot quicker.”

Just because Connor doesn't plan on blindly following his brother doesn't mean he won't learn from him. “Having a brother who has already been through recruiting definitely helps me. Plus, it helps me get recruited because my name is already out there.” When it comes to picking a school, it isn't just football that comes into the equation for Connor. “Mostly I want to go to a school where I feel comfortable just in general. Football, socially, academically, with the coaches, the atmosphere, everything,” Connor said. “It would be nice to stay on the east coast, but if I really felt comfortable with a school on the west coast or the Midwest I don't think it would affect my decision that much.”

Maryland would love to have another Wujciak on their defense. However, so would several other top programs. Terp fans will just have to wait and see if their defense becomes a family affair.

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