The Maturity of Greivis Vasquez

TSR's Matt Owings was on hand Thursday for Maryland's press conference leading up to the opener.

On Thursday, November 12, a select few players and coach Gary Williams sat down with the media as a “pre-game” press conference. Eric Hayes was the first. Hayes spoke on many things of importance when it came to the upcoming season for the Terps. He stressed the senior leadership and the help from the younger players, including the freshmen. Eric Hayes is nothing short of a class act on and off the court, and it was no surprise when he showed these qualities in his responses on Friday afternoon. After Hayes was finished, everyone awaited for the arrival of Maryland guard Greivis Vasquez.

Vasquez is returning for his senior season after a short-lived stint in the NBA draft world. At the end of last season, Vasquez had informed Maryland that he would forego his senior season in efforts to enter the NBA draft, but would not hire an agent. Needless to say, he decided against this and is now back playing with the Terps. Now, Vasquez is as excited as ever to step back out on the court and prove to the nation that the Terps are for real.

“I'm excited and happy to be back here,” Vasquez said when commenting on his decision to return to school. “I'm anxious.” Everyone who watches Maryland basketball knows that Greivis Vasquez is an outspoken individual who likes to let everyone know what is on his mind, especially on the court. Interestingly enough, the old Vasquez didn't seem to make an appearance in the media workroom of Comcast Center on Thursday afternoon. Instead, an excited and confident young man answered questions concerning the “team first,” and stressed the importance of team effort in order to win this season. “I'm not looking to score 40 points every night…I want to get ten rebounds and ten assists.” Statements like this make the average fan wonder if the maturity has finally set in for the young man from Caracas, Venezuela.

Vasquez displayed his senior leadership in answering his questions on Thursday afternoon. TSR asked Vasquez how last season's strong finish in addition to all the hype this offseason would drive this team. “We have to keep it humble,” he said. “Let's not forget we lost to Morgan State last year.” Vasquez spoke on the end of the season, saying, “We don't want to be a bubble team.” Vasquez wants this team to make a statement to the nation saying Maryland is not to be reckoned with.

“We don't need heroes.” This is the statement from a player who, at one point, may have considered himself to be superhuman. Now, Greivis Vasquez is showing his senior leadership and maturity. It can only make a Maryland fan smile as the Terps open up their season against Charleston Southern at Comcast Center Friday night.

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