Maryland/Florida State- High/Low

TSR breaks down the highs and lows from this past weekend's Maryland/Florida State game.

High Five

Jamarr Robinson

What can you say? In only his second start, this sophomore showed the country that he can play with the big boys. Robinson was 20-27 with 214 yards and a touchdown (Cannon) in the loss against Florida State on Saturday. Robinson connected with seven receivers in what could be one of the best quarterbacked games for Maryland all season. Torrey Smith and Adrian Cannon both had over 70 yards in receptions. With senior Chris Turner out with an injury, Jamarr Robinson has stepped up and put Maryland in position to do some serious damage. This has to get Maryland fans excited for years to come with number 11 under center.

The Return of Da'Rel Scott

On 19 carries, Da'Rel Scott ran for 83 yards in the loss to the Seminoles on Saturday afternoon. It's almost like this stud running back never missed a game for the Terps. Out since October 3, Da'Rel Scott's return to the Maryland lineup showed what was missing all season long. We all knew that Scott was good, but in the first game back from injury, it is impressive to see the junior hard at work and making up for lost time. Hopefully his senior season will be filled with extraordinary games and zero injuries.

Davin Megget

In the loss to Florida State, Davin Megget showed that there is another running back that will want to compete for the starting job next season. His two rushing touchdowns were pivotal in the hard-nosed battle that was Saturday afternoon's game. Although both scores were on short yardage, it is good to know that Maryland has a tough, grind-it-out back that can scrape the extra few steps and pound it in the endzone. As stated earlier, it will be interesting to see who gets the majority of carries next week. As of right now, however, it doesn't seem to matter who the premiere back is. Da'Rel Scott is running for yards and Davin Megget is running for scores. Is the two-headed monster finally back in College Park? Only time will tell.


It seemed like Cameron Chism put the Terps in position to win with the third interception of the game. That ball hawk defense that showed up for the Terps terrorized Florida State quarterback E.J. Manuel all day. In addition to Chism's seemingly game-winning interception, Alex Wujciak's 82-yard interception return set up the Terps for a score. Terrell Skinner also had an interception for the Terps in front of his home state's crowd.

Team Morale

Regardless of the outcome, Maryland has to be excited about their play against Florida State. Although they may have lost in a disappointing fashion, the Terps made a lot of big plays and had some stellar play from the Jamarr Robinson. Even though the Terps couldn't finish out the game (which will be addressed later on), this team has to feel like they can go into the last game of the season feeling confident it can end on a high note.

Low Five

Rush Defense

Maryland allowed 198 rushing yards to Florida State which very well could have contributed to the last minute win for the Seminoles. Every yard counts, and it seemed like the Seminoles took full advantage of that fact. In addition to the high amount of rushing yards, the Terps also gave up 4 touchdowns on the ground. This rush defense needs some work going into the season finale against Boston College.


In the first half, the Terps traded 7 for three two times. Florida State scored a touchdown in the first and second quarter against the Terps, who only responded with field goals until blessed with fantastic field position after the Wujciak interception. Had Maryland converted touchdowns on those drives, we could be looking at our first win since October 3 rather than the 6th straight loss this season.

Finish the Game

Maryland had the chance in the 4th quarter to run the clock out and win the game. All that was needed was a little bit of movement on the offensive side for the Terps and they would have taken the wind out of the Seminoles' sails. Sadly, Maryland couldn't finish out the game and instead of playing spoiler, the Terps walk away losers again and Florida State becomes bowl-eligible.

Defense when it Matters

Defense is important for the entire game, but it is imperative that a good defense doesn't falter when the game is on the line. That is exactly what the Terps did. They let the Florida State Seminoles drive 44 yards on 4 plays to score a touchdown with less than a minute and a half to play. As a very angry Herman Edwards once said, “You play to win the game.” Maryland has to play to the final whistle. End of story.

Sense of Urgency

In the drive that, if completed as hoped for would have closed out the game, Maryland showed little poise. Without a sense of urgency, it seems like it is an automatic loss. Maryland needs to show that they know how to win, then the wins will finally start coming in. It may be true that Jamarr Robinson is just a sophomore in his second start and that leadership may not be there yet, but he needs to find that soon if he hopes to start off strong next season. Hopefully Maryland will find a way to show they can win against Boston College next week for their final game of the season.

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