Future Terps Shine in 2nd Annual Crab Bowl

Two Maryland commitments used their Crab Bowl experience to excite Terp fans about next season.

The 2nd annual Maryland Crab Bowl took place last night at Towson University. The game was a match up of the best players from the Baltimore against the best players from the DC area. There were many division one bound players, but it was two Terps recruits that were major factors in the game and could have easily been the MVP of their team. Matt Robinson and Andre Monroe provided Terps fans with a little glimpse of what the future of Maryland football maybe like and if their performance in the Crab Bowl is an indication, then the future is very bright.

“I wanted to come out and have fun but also make a statement that little guys can play well” Monroe said, “I worked hard and that hard work led to success in this game.” Monroe, (who in my opinion should have won the Outstanding Lineman award) recorded eight tackles, a sack and forced a fumble for the Baltimore team. Monroe, who believes his speed will be his best attribute for success at the college level, was all over the field and showed a glimpse of that speed when he almost ran down the opposing running back 40 yards down the field after coming from the complete opposite side of the field. The most impressive part of Monroe's performance was that he was going against some division one bound offensive lineman who towered over him in height and outweighed him considerably. Obviously, only the best players are selected for the game and Monroe honored to be a part of the game. “Playing in this game was one of the highlights of my career” he said “there are some great players out here and I am glad I was able to be successful”. Monroe's skill, coupled with his heart and desire will endear him to Terps fans as soon as he sets foot on campus and Monday night was a small indication of what kind of player he could end up being.

Coming into the game there was a lot of hype surrounding the Baltimore offense mainly because of Kansas St. bound quarterback Billy Cosh, however Matt Robinson showed that there were other playmakers on offense outside of Cosh. After falling down by two touchdowns Robinson gave the Baltimore team a spark with an impressive 32 yard touchdown catch. The play started with Robinson going in motion and then continuing into a wheel round where he burned the defensive back. Despite having a high school teammate as one of his receivers, Cosh seemed to be most in sync with Robinson despite only a week of practice. “From day one we developed a good relationship and that paid dividends in this game” said Robinson referring to the rapport between him and Cosh “we ran a no-huddle offense and were able to find some success running deep wheel routes.” In addition to his touchdown, Robinson added a 45 yard reception and finished the game with over 90 yards receiving. Robinson, who played at unheralded Atholton, was facing three division one bound defensive backs from DeMatha and Good Counsel, and he was able to have success, something which should make Terps fans extremely happy. “They were some of the most talented defensive backs I have ever seen and it was great to be successful against them” Robinson said. “This game is amazing and from now I can always say that I scored a touchdown in the Crab Bowl and that feels good to say.” If Maryland plays Cal again next season, Robinson will get a rematch against Safety Michael Cooley and Terps fans will hope have the same kind of success. The Terps look to have found the playmaker that their receiving corps was desperately missing last season, and that player is Matt Robinson.

Despite the efforts of Robinson and Monroe, the Baltimore team fell short for the second year losing 24-21. All Star games are not about the score but more about the performances of the players in them, and two of the best performances came from future Terps. With all the talented recruits that have spurned College Park for greener pastures, Maryland was able to land two that look like they could bring them back to competing for ACC titles.

Everyone who attended the 2009 Crab Bowl will remember the names Matt Robinson and Andre Monroe and soon so will Terps fans and possibly the nation. Hopefully Monday night was the start of two special careers.

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