Catching Up With Terrell Stoglin

TSR catches up with Terrell Stoglin and discusses next years incoming class as well as the friendship he had developed with Terrence Ross.

Terrell Stoglin is a supremely confident young man.

He's confident that his high school team, Santa Rita HS is Tucson, Az., will win the state championship

He's confident that in 2010 he will be Maryland's starting point guard, with the departures of Greivis Vasquez and Eric Hayes.

He's confident that his and his classmates' Mychal Parker and Ashton Pankey arrivals will mean the recent de-commitment of SG Terrance Ross won't be as big of a blow.

Stoglin and Ross had grown close and talked frequently since both committed to Maryland early in the process, but have talked less recently, according to Stoglin.

“He hasn't talked to me for a while,” Stoglin said. “That's how I knew he was thinking of de-committing. I'm disappointed because I wanted to play with him as a friend, but I'm not really worried about it because I'm just focused on my own commitment.”

As for the present, Stoglin's team is 7-2 after starting the year 7-0. He says that the recent losses were the result of a tough tournament and the loss of his team's big man with a hand injury. However, he still feels they're going to take home the prize at season's end.

“I think [our chances] are better than ever,” he said. “Most of us are seniors so I'm pretty positive.”

Stoglin has been a scoring dynamo, and is averaging “about 29, 30 a game,” he says. He thinks he can take that ability and inject it into Gary Williams' starting five right away.

“I'm pretty positive within myself that I'll start,” said Stoglin. “That's what I'm looking forward to.”

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