For Jordan Goodman, College Goes Beyond Hoops

2011 power forward Jordan Goodman has goals that go past the basketball court in college.

Jordan Goodman, class of 2011's four-star power forward from Seneca Valley, MD, nearly committed to the Terps as a freshman. While College Park is still a likely landing-spot for the coveted recruit, Goodman has other things on his mind.

“Right now, school is really where I need to be,” Goodman said. “Class is what is going to get me into college. The basketball will work itself out. Right now, education is my biggest priority.”

But when it comes to basketball, Goodman has Maryland in mind. “Maryland has always been one of my top schools because they're a hometown school. I've been around there for the longest.” Goodman said. He also stated that college is not as big of a priority as self improvement.

Being better applies to different aspects, both on and off the court. “My coaches are telling me, 'Everyday, Jordan, get in the weight room; work on your skill set, and become perfect. Do the best that you can,'” Goodman said.

Goodman is confident of his ability on the court, but is quicker to talk about areas he feels need some help. “I need to make sure I work hard, I have a good attitude, and that I'm consistent,” Goodman said. “If I can do that, people tell me I could be a good player in college and maybe the NBA.”

That is not to say he does not know where his skills lie. “My strengths are that I can shoot, I'm tall, and I'm a guard/forward. I'm big, and I can do most things a guard can do. And also I can post up.”

“Right now, I think I'm like Carmelo Anthony,” Goodman said. “Because he has a real polished post-up game, and then he can come out and shoot and take his man off the dribble. That's what I want to play like.”

The versatile forward, who plays AAU ball for DC Assault, has other schools in mind besides Maryland. Georgetown, Kansas State, Kentucky, and UNLV interest him too.

“I want to go to a school that's family oriented, with a team that does everything together,” Goodman said. “A team that's all about their players, looks out for their players, a school that looks out for their players.”

Goodman's ties to Maryland go beyond simply living in the area. “I've talked to Sean Mosley, Vasquez, big Dino [Gregory], and Milbourne. I've talked to Gary Williams too and the whole coaching staff,” Goodman said.

The right coach is important to Jordan. “I want a coach who goes beyond basketball and looks out for my best interest,” Goodman said. “A big-time coach is everybody's dream. But my coach right now in high school is a big-time coach to me.”

When it comes to his recruitment Jordan knows he has appeal both on and off the court. “Everyone who knows me knows I'm an outgoing person,” Goodman said. “I'll joke with anybody, introduce myself to anybody. Everyone takes to me. That's the kind of the person I am. I look out for anybody who is around me, my teammates, anybody.”

With almost two years before he has to make his decision, Goodman is going to take his time to make up his mind. However one thing is for sure. “Maryland's always going to be one of my top schools. That's never going to change.”

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