Toliver's Take- MD/N.C. State

TSR is proud to announce our newest reporter, Kristi Toliver. Kristi will be reporting "Toliver's Take" following women's basketball games.

Hey Terp fans! First I want to say Shalom from Israel and tell you how excited I am to be writing for It is hard to believe that I'm not out there wearing Maryland across my chest this year, but I'm thankful to have the opportunity to write about my favorite college team every week.

So! It was a tough opener for the Terps playing their first ACC game on the road at NC State. Turnovers were a huge problem for the Terps, but that will improve with time and experience. Maryland is a young team in general, but having a freshman point guard there are always learning curves. I can remember having 12 turnovers in the semi finals of the Final Four as a freshman, so Dara Taylor is already ahead of the curve in my book! Once the team collectively values the basketball every possession and remains patient on offense to get good shots I think they will see better results in games. I noticed that as a team they only had 8 assists, Dara having 6 of them. In order to get better shots they are going to need to share the basketball to get one another easy opportunities at the basket.

Maryland is going to need to play the kind of defense they did in the second half for 40 minutes if they're going to earn wins in ACC play. When your offense is not clicking you need to always be able to rely on your defense to limit the other team's opportunities and also create more opportunities for yourself offensively. I think that this Maryland team can be a great defensive team and will have success if they buy into the idea that solid team defense will win them games this year.

It looks like UVA is next! Love those rival games (especially when they're on national television). I'm sure the coaches are getting the girls well prepared and refocused for this Big Monday matchup. The Terps just need to learn from every game and experience, good and bad, and move on. Forward is the only direction they can move and one good thing about that NC State game is that they have an opportunity to take it out on their rival, UVA. Go Terps!


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