Toliver's Take

Former hoop star Kristi Toliver gives her take on Maryland women's performance last week.

What a week of basketball for the Terps! Talk about coming back from a tough loss! I was so proud of how the girls responded from that NC State game and really got an important road win against rival UVA. The turnovers were still a problem for the Terps, but like I said before it's not going to disappear over night. Even with going turnover crazy again they still found a way to win and that is definitely inspiring for a Terps fan! Good teams find a way to win games even when things go bad and things definitely went bad during the game, but the young Maryland team found a way to win in “money time”. I would like to say congratulations to Monica Wright for breaking Dawn Staley's scoring record. Quite an honor to be along side a pioneer like that in the UVA record books and I know it was well deserved.

Boston College came to town and did not leave the DC area very happy campers! The Terps took their winning ways and ran with it against a tough BC team who has always been a difficult team to play in the ACC. Carolyn Swords is always a tough matchup because of her size, fundamentals and ability to run the floor, but Maryland's bigs did a good job making life difficult for her under the basket which helped tremendously. Mickel Picco has always been a red-hot player against Maryland in the past, but the Terps did a pretty good job defending her and limiting her to having to make tough shots as well. Maryland's defense is what is going to keep getting them wins and it was really great to see them clicking together and getting it done of the defensive end of the floor. The defense of Maryland as well as keeping the turnovers down to 19 was huge for them. I know that they would like to see their turnovers more in the 13 and 14 area, but it was nice to see them value the ball a bit better in this match-up. Kizer, Tianna and Diandra ran the floor well on the offensive end after getting big rebounds and Dara was able to reward them for their work. If they keep working together and sharing the ball with one another then things will be much better for the Terps in games to come. This was a big win for Maryland and I am glad they didn't overlook a good Boston College team because they were ready to go after the Tar Heels.

“Maryland has a great coach and they always play well at home no matter what so we knew this was going to be a tough game. The young players did a great job tonight and that's why they won.” Carolyn Swords

I couldn't agree more.

Carmichael Arena. My favorite place to play as a Terp (other than Comcast Center of course). Petite, historical, energy filled place with so much Carolina blue in it you almost wanna puke! The band playing so loud you can't hear yourself think, annoying fans yelling every negative thing imaginable, no air conditioning to breathe! Man, it was GREAT! Maryland and UNC have had many battles in Carmichael and I know that this Terp team was looking forward to another battle Sunday afternoon. I won't even get into the game and how it ended. I'd rather not talk about this one. However, I will say that I am glad this Maryland team went to Carmichael and competed against the number 10/11 ranked team in the country. The experience is what I was ready for the young guys to have down there and now that they've had it I see good things coming…


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