Friedgen Excited About 2010 Recruiting Class

Wednesday was signing day, and the Maryland Football team held a press conference detailing the 2010 recruiting class. Read on to find out what Coach Friedgen said about each of next year's incoming players.

Coach Friedgen emphasized an increase in team speed and athleticism, as well as an effective pass rush, athletic offensive linemen, and high quality at quarterback. What follows is his comments on each of Maryland's 2010 recruits.

Early Enrollees:

Devin Burns, 6'3" 185 3-Star QB, Carver HS, Columbus, GA - "Highly recruited out of Georgia, got a chance to know him last year, comes from a military background, played most of his ball in Texas and then moved to Georgia. His dad has just been re-stationed to Norfolk, VA, which is kind of a coincidence. He had committed to us just before the season this year and we were concerned because Georgia made a hard run at him at the end of the year, in fact their whole staff went to his home, and he kept his commitment to Maryland, so we appreciate that very much and it shows you the type of young man that he is. He's an athletic quarterback, he has a good arm, we're very excited to have him. He's in school right now, so he graduated early and he's enrolled right now at the University of Maryland."

Lorne Goree, 6'2" 205 3-Star OLB, CH Flowers HS/Fork Union, Springdale, MD – "He played at CH Flowers High School, ended up going to Fork Union, I think that really has helped him mature as a person and as a player. He's a lot bigger and stronger now, we're very happy to have him."

Javarie Johnson, 6'3" 215 4-Star OLB, Dunbar HS, Washington, DC – "Had committed to Miami, but decided to stay close to home. He's a kid who I fell in love with last year, I was very disappointed when he decided to go to Miami, because he lights up the room, he's always got a smile on his face. He's also 6'3", about 215 and runs a 4.5 [40-yard dash], so that lights me up a little bit. He's making the transition from Dunbar to College Park, and we're happy to have him here."

David Mackall, 6'3" 256 3-Star OLB, Edmondson-Westside HS/Fork Union, Baltimore, MD - "Runs extremely well, he played at Edmondson High School in Baltimore, played at Fork Union last year and had a very good season there, and he's kind of a seasoned athlete. Hopefully he can help us next year, we're excited to have him."

Other Recruits:

Will Yeatman, 6'6" 265 transfer TE, Notre Dame – "He plays on [Maryland's] lacrosse team, his eligibility will be up in lacrosse next semester, so he's gonna come out for football in the fall. He's kind of like a recruit, from our own campus. He plays attack on the lacrosse team and he's probably 6 5 6 6 about 265, so shows you his athleticism, and he did start at Notre Dame as a tight end."

Tyrek Cheeseboro, 5'11 169 3-Star WR, Milford Mill Academy, Baltimore, MD – "Tyrek is a wide receiver, played very well as a junior, had a guy who could throw it, didn't really have that this year. Extremely fast, very elusive kid, we're hoping he's going to come in and help us at wide receiver."

Nathaniel Clarke, 6'6" 280 3-Star OL, Archbishop Carroll HS, Washington, DC - "Large offensive lineman, and he's a lean 280. He's only played three years of football, he's got a lot of football ahead of him, but we're really excited about him, and he's a big strong athletic guy."

Sal Conaboy, 6'5" 255 3-Star OL, Abington Heights HS, Clarks Summit, PA - "Another offensive lineman, he's on the Big 33 team, one of the better offensive linemen in the state of Pennsylvania. We think he's a guard or a center, we'd like him to be a center, he's very athletic, we believe he's going to get bigger and stronger as he matures. Wonderful family, father is a nurse, and when I went to the home visit he was down in Haiti trying to help the people out down there. They're a very giving family, and I think he has a bright future here at Maryland."

Ian Evans, 6'3" 230 2-Star DE, Hammonton HS, Hammonton, NJ – "Defensive end, very good pass rusher, runs extremely well in pursuit. He went to Hammonton High School in southern New Jersey, they won the state championship this year, and he's a really good get for us. Anytime you can get a kid that can run at defensive end and is also a good student, that's a no-brainer."

Max Garcia, 6'5" 275 3-Star OL, Norcross HS, Norcross, GA – "Very, very hardfought battle for Max. He's an offensive tackle, I think he can play left tackle or right tackle, I think Alabama was very strong with him early, he's also a very good student. Believe it or not, I mean I don't know why, but he's passionate about being a journalist, and I still recruited him. But we have a wonderful journalism school on campus here, and it came down to us and Clemson, and I don't think Clemson has journalism, and I really think that and our players was [the deciding factor]."

Jeremiah Johnson, 5'11" 159 2-Star S, Suitland HS, Forestville, MD - "Saw him at our seven on seven camp this past spring and I was very impressed by his coverage skills. He had a very good year for Suitland and runs extremely well, he's on their track team right now. He reminds me a little bit of Dominique Foxworth."

Desmond Kearse, 6'2" 185 3-Star OLB, Dunbar HS, Fort Myers, FL – "Desmond is Jevon Kearse's cousin, in fact when I was at the home visit Jevon was there, overseeing things. We kind of got this guy late, he sent us a tape, I think he had 29 sacks as a junior, he had 17 sacks last year. He's not real big, but Coach Brown thinks that he can fit into a particular position on the defense, it's kind of a hybrid safety/outside linebacker. He runs a 4.4, he's extremely quick off the ball, we think he'll get bigger. They tell me that Jevon was about 190 pounds coming out of high school. So we're excited about Desmond, and I think he's very excited about Maryland."

Darius Kilgo, 6'3" 285 3-Star DT, Weddington HS, Matthews, NC – "Darius is a very big, strong, athletic kid. His junior year he was probably well over 300 pounds, but then a new coach came in, he lost a lot of weight, became much more athletic. He was very impressive on the tape. He can play on either side of the ball, that's the other thing about him, so we're probably gonna start him out on defense and see where it goes from there."

Andre Monroe, 6'0" 280 3-Star DT, St. John's HS, Washington, DC – "The thing that jumps off the screen when you watch Andre is his explosiveness and speed, he runs extremely well for a 280 pound kid. I was interested, I was reading the bios and I saw his favorite athlete was Dwight Freeney, I can see why there would be an association there, because he has that type of explosiveness off the edge."

Rahsaan Moore, 6'2" 245 2-Star FB, Wise HS, Upper Marlboro, MD – "We also got to him late, he matured late. He played just about every position for Wise, who went to the state championship. We originally looked at him as a defensive linemen, but when we started watching him play fullback, we saw how athletic he was and how well he catches the ball and how well he runs the ball and he's a dominant blocker. He's 245 pounds right now, and I think he's going to get a lot bigger, but he's just a young kid who's a really good football player."

Clarence Murphy, 6'3" 240 3-Star DE, Hollywood Hills HS, Hollywood Hills, FL – "We got down into Florida a little more this year, and that's because of Coach Brown, he has a lot of contacts down there, and Clarence Murphy had the leading sack total in Dade County.We're hoping that he can be an edge rusher for us and a real pass rushing threat."

Matt Robinson, 6'4" 210 2-Star ATH, Atholton HS, Columbia, MD – "Kyle Schmitt, who was our graduate assistant last year, called us up and said he had this kid who was pretty good [at Atholton]. [Robinson] came over here and we watched him play in the seven-on-seven, he was making plays not only as a receiver but as a safety. We started his recruitment right after that. He really had a tremendous senior year on both sides of the ball. We don't know which side we're going to play him on yet. He is extremely athletic and has incredible ball skills."
Mario Rowson, 6'3" 185 2-Star CB, Lake Taylor HS, Norfolk, VA – "This guy here is kind of what I've been looking for in a defensive corner. He's a big corner. He also came to our one day camp and coach Brown was very impressed with his man-to-man skills. We're looking for guys that are long and he's long. An extremely good athlete, and we're excited to have him, hopefully he can get in to the mix here this year."

Tyler Smith, 6'2" 195 4-Star QB, Wilson Area HS, Easton, PA – "Probably one of the top quarterbacks in the country, he's a mobile quarterback who has a very, very strong arm. You can see he's a leader. I was telling Coach [James] Franklin we've got to come up with a formation that's got three balls in it, because we're going to have six quarterbacks here next year, and they're not separated by much. It's going to get real interesting because I think they're all talented and I think they're all great kids."

Titus Till, 6'1" 184 3-Star S, Wise HS, Upper Marlboro, MD – "Titus is also from Wise. He's an excellent tackler, an excellent cover guy, a very good athlete and also a very good student. I'm kind of excited that Titus decided to come to us, especially as early as he did."

Jacob Wheeler, 6'9", 250 2-Star OL, American Heritage School, Plantation, FL – "This is an interesting story. Jake played tight end, he played offensive tackle, we think he's going to grow in to a left tackle. His brother plays for the University of Miami as an offensive lineman. He has ten siblings, very interesting home visit. Great people, I was worried whether we would get this kid, because we have this guy visiting from Miami, and it snows 25 inches during the weekend. So we're trying to get him home because he has an All-Star game and he's on the basketball team, and of course we got snowed in. So we took him to the airport and every time we tried to get a flight out of here it got canceled. Now, you've got to understand, they've got nine kids at home. They've got a one year old, and an infant too. So Mom got impatient, they rented a car and they drove from BWI to Miami. Now, I wouldn't think that's a good experience, but I think they were really appreciative of what we were trying to do to help them and they were very understanding, and they liked our school. We feel very fortunate to have their family as a part of our family. Just the other night they played one of the top teams in Florida and he scored 33 points. I think he's really going to help us in the future."

Jeremiah Wilson, 5'10", 180 3-Star CB, Handley HS, Winchester, VA – "He can run very, very well, he played running back and corner at Handley High School, and he was one of the better running backs in the state of Virginia. Mom is from Baltimore, always grew up a Terp fan, pretty excited to have this kid and he's also another good student."

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