Pe'Shon's Piece- 3rd Edition

Maryland commit Pe'Shon Howard checks in with TSR fans for his third installment of Pe'Shon's Piece.

Whats up everyone!!! I know I haven't wrote a diary in a little bit. With the weather being so crazy, things have been a little hectic.

Last time I talked to everyone, we had just beaten Columbia. The following Wednesday we won pretty bad vs Christian Faith Academy. Then the snow started to come and we had our next two games canceled.

Maryland played Clemson during that stretch and lost by four. The Terps had a lot of turnovers. Without some of those im sure they would have won.

February 2 and 3 we got back to playing. We beat Mountain State Academy by one and Oak Ridge Military School. I had 13pts against Mountain State and 18pts against Oak Ridge.

Maryland got back on track and beat Florida State again then more snow canceled our next two games including the game with future Terp Mike Parker. We were looking forward to playing against each other one last time. Maryland killed North Carolina. I think that motivated me in our next game on Feb. 8th vs Huntington Prep. We won, and I had 24pts. Most people saw our game vs St. Patrick on ESPNU which we won by one point. It was a great game. The team played great, I had 19pts and received the MVP.

We had a let down lost to St. peters Prep. That game really hurt us. There was one plus, Doron Lamb scored 50 pts!!! This would be the same day Maryland lost to Duke. Tough weekend!! Maryland started the week off great by beating Virginia. This week is cool because we play the same days as Maryland. so I will check in and let you guys know how the rest of the week goes.

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