"The Greivis Vasquez Show"

The Greivis Vasquez show has traveled all over the ACC over the past four years and ends tonight at the Comcast Center.

The Virginia Tech fans started lining up early outside Cassell Colesium in anticipation for the 4pm game against the Maryland Terrapins. Thanks to a water main break, the game was delayed for three hours, putting Hokie fans in a frenzy. Two and a half hours and two overtimes later, the Hokie fans left in disappointment as their team came out defeated. During those two plus hours the Hokie fans were treated to something many opposing fans have seen this year, the “Grevis Vasquez Show.”

Throughout his four years in College Park, Greivis Vasquez has been public enemy number one for opposing fans, and sometimes even his own. His brashness, arrogance and overall persona, makes him more than just a basketball player, it makes him an entertainer. Vasquez does more then just play a basketball game, he puts on a show, and that show was one that left a sour taste in the mouth of all but one ACC opponent this season. His 41 point performance was more then just the second best single game scoring performance in the history of the school, it was an event that left the emotions of Terps fans hanging on every rainbow 3 and foul line runner he attempted.

Many still question where he ranks in the lure of Maryland basketball history, but one thing they can't question is his ability to entertain the masses. Whether its blowing kisses to opposing fans, schimmying after every big 3 pointer or even helping mop up a wet spot on the floor, Vasquez always leaves people talking.

The “Greivis Vasquez Show” has entertained Terps fans this whole season, while breaking the hearts of every opposing fan that has seen it. It is filled with drama, emotion and lots of heroics and after it is over, it often has people saying “ wow”.

The show returns home for its final edition on Wednesday night to the fan base that appreciates it the most and it should be more emotional and entertaining than ever. It has caused lots of drama and hasn't always been liked by the College Park faithful, but it certainly won't be forgotten.

Next stop College Park and don't worry college basketball fans, given the way the Terps are playing, you will likely have your chance to see the “Greivis Vasquez Show”. Unfortunately for you, it may not end the way you want it to!!!

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