Hubert Interested in Terps

2011 center from New Egypt, NJ likes the offense Maryland runs and thinks he would fit well.

Desmond Hubert '11 of New Egypt (NJ) has developed quite a reputation despite playing at one of the smallest public schools in one of the country's smallest states. The 6'9 center is being pursued by many of the elite college programs in the America, including Maryland.

North Carolina, Wake Forest, UConn, Georgia Tech, Maryland, Pitt, Georgetown, Villanova, Virginia Tech, Virginia, Penn State, and Texas are the schools on the big man's list. He claims offers from over half of them, in Virginia Tech, Virginia, Penn State, Pitt, Wake Forest, Villanova, and UConn.

While Hubert says he does “not really” have any favorites at this point, he has already visited a number of colleges. “I have been to Duke, NC State, Wake Forest, North Carolina, Maryland, Villanova, and Penn State.” Asked if he has any visits planned, Hubert replied, “No, not right now.”

“Before the start of my high school season,” commented the Garden State star on when he hopes to make his college choice.

What is it that he is looking for in school? “First thing is gonna be a school where I feel comfortable, feels like home, where I'm not getting homesick. The second thing is a school that's good academically and [also one that] is gonna prepare me to play my best in college.”

Despite the fact that he wants to be comfortable and feel like he is at home, Hubert is not concerned with location. “No, it doesn't really matter. If I feel comfortable going out for a school, to somewhere like Texas or California, that's where I'm gonna go.”

What does Hubert think about the University of Maryland? “It's a good school. I like the staff and they got some great players.”

Regarding the staff, Hubert said that Assistant Coach Rob Ehsan is the main one recruiting him. “He's really cool, me and him are tight.” The long post presence has spoken with Head Coach Gary Williams too. “The last time I talked to him was at the UNC game.”

Hubert is familiar with Maryland's style of play and feels as though he would work well in it. “I feel like I can fit in good. They have the freshman big this year [Jordan Williams] who got to play a lot of time, and because of my athletic ability I'll be able to fit in fine there and be able to help out a lot.”

Before he gets to the next level, whether it is at Maryland or someplace else, Hubert knows he has work to do. “Probably strength, I guess,” said Hubert of the biggest weakness in his game.

While a college weight and nutrition program will certainly help, Hubert has started the process of bulking up on his own. “[I am] just lifting a lot of weights and stuff, trying to eat right and everything.”

Hubert might not be a star on the offensive end just yet, but his defense is outstanding, and he knows it. “Definitely my defense, my ability to block shots,” said Hubert of the strongest part of his game.

His shot blocking prowess was evident in his season statistics. “I think I averaged 16 points, 10 rebounds, and 9 blocks.”

By far the best player on his high school team, Hubert led his squad to a stellar season. “I think [our record] was maybe like 19-8.”

New Egypt lost in the second round of sectionals this year after making the sectional championship in 08-09. That is not enough for the big man though, who has some lofty goals for the rest of his high school career.

“I definitely wanna win a state championship, that's probably my number one goal, and just get better as opposing players will not be able to push him around.

A definite high-major caliber player, Hubert remains a fairly raw prospect, but he has improved every year of his high school career. In addition, he has good intangibles, including a solid basketball IQ and the ability to carry a team, which comes from being the go-to guy in high school.

Whichever schools ends up with Desmond Hubert will not only be getting a talented basketball player, but a good person off the court and one who will work hard to get better on it.

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