3/30 Spring Practice Recap

Coach Friedgen continues to be impressed with the team's speed on defense, especially in the secondary.

Maryland coach Ralph Friedgen has been pleased with the efforts of his Terps so far in spring practice, and certain players have started to stand out after only a little more than a week of practice.

During Saturday's Oklahoma drill, where a ball carrier and a defender line up three yards apart in a three feet by nine feet area ending when either the ball carrier scores or is tackled, it was the safeties who impressed the most.

"It was okay, [Alex] Wujciak and [Adrian] Moten didn't scrimmage," Friedgen said. "The offense was successful on every try. The offense usually has the advantage in goal line scrimmages, though. Today was the first day that we pressured with the linebackers, they were running free all over the place, we've got a lot of work to do there. Defensively, I think Kenny Tate dominated. AJ Francis did a good job and Antwine Perez did a good job. [Travis] Hawkins has done some good things at safety."

Tate and Perez, two safeties highly touted coming out of high school but yet to break out on the collegiate level, combine to form one of the most exciting safety tandems in the ACC.

"Perez's strong point is that he's very aggressive," Friedgen said. "He's a good run stopper, but where's he got to get better is at defending the pass. Kenny's kind of in the other vein, it's good to see him being aggressive right now. I'd like to see our safeties have some more range and make some plays all over the field."

The rest of the secondary has played well for the Terps, too, and coach Friedgen noted the fierce competition for playing time at cornerback.

"I like the way we're battling at corner right now," he said. "You have Trenton Hughes and [Dexter] McDougle battling pretty well, I thought Michael Carter made a couple of plays today, and then you have [Cameron] Chism over there with Avery Graham, so we have some young kids there, but they're competitors."

One of the players who has impressed Friedgen the most, however, is early enrollee linebacker David Mackall, who continues to show his football savvy.

"The guy that jumps out right now is Mackall, he's making plays," he said. "He made a play tonight where he came down on a blitz and played the quarterback, and the quarterback pitched it, and he got in on the pitch, which was a big time play. He doesn't know what he's doing, but he has instincts for the ball, he's just 'See Ball, Go Ball'. I think he's going to be a pretty good player, he runs faster than he times and he's stronger than he shows, too. "

Spring practice continues on Thursday, April 1st.

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