Better Know a Terp- Da'Rel Scott

Brian Bradley continues TSR's new series by profiling running back Da'Rel Scott.

Senior Da'Rel Scott said he's ready to shoulder most of Maryland's running back responsibilities. While both he and junior Davin Meggett are listed on the depth chart as the No. 1 tailback, Scott expects to emerge as the premier back, and is working to finally solidify his role as the offensive workhorse, sharing less time with other running backs than in previous seasons.

“I just want to go out on a bang” before I graduate, Scott said. “I think [players and coaches] can just rely on me and put it on my shoulders.”

Scott saw a decent amount of time on the field last season, carrying 85 times for 425 yards and four touchdowns, before breaking his wrist in the fifth game against Clemson. After it happened, “it was just like, 'Alright, now it's time to get on my grind and get ready for next season,'” Scott said. “That was in the past. I can't dwell on that.”

Scott had to wait a long time before doing upper-body lifts after the injury, but said he feels like he has gotten most of his strength back since resuming workouts. He's added he'll be “100 percent” ready to play at full speed against Navy on Sept. 6. “I know I'm going to take a couple hits on” my wrist, Scott said. “I can deal with it.”

Perhaps Scott's full and steady recovery can be attributed to his hunger to lead. “I think the team relies on me to be a leader,” said Scott. For him, leading by example - demonstrating to teammates “how to practice and play” - is a key for any leadership role.

He added that, to maintain this image in the eyes of his teammates, he must succeed in the classroom as well as on the field. “They got to respect you for that - being a student-athlete,” said Scott, who noted that his GPA is around 2.9.

Scott noted that, after he leaves the school, he wants fans to know him as “one of the greatest backs” to come out of Maryland. An injury-free season might allow him to achieve this lofty goal.

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