Practice Report: 4/8- Offense

TSR recaps Maryland's spring practice from Thursday

o The ability and experience of this year's offensive linemen are presenting complications. “They're seeing every blitz known to man right now,” said Maryland Head Coach Ralph Friedgen. “There were times today when they were very frustrated and there were times when they started picking things up. I just have to hope that they keep seeing the stuff enough that they start getting better at it.”

o Quarterback Jamarr Robinson is seeing coverage better than he did last season, according to Friedgen. “I think a lot of this is developing confidence,” Friedgen said. “I'm hoping with his experience, that he will come on and do a good job for us.”

o For the third day, Friedgen expressed concern about the right guard spot. “I don't know what the solution is there,” said Friedgen.

o The wide receivers are playing well, converting big plays in practice. According to Friedgen, junior Quintin McCree has had a good spring, aside from the last two practices. “But, other than that, I think he is pushing Torrey [Smith],” Friedgen said. “I think we need another guy there because Torrey does so many things, I think he gets worn down.” Smith has been returning kickoffs, as well as some punts.

o Adrian Cannon, Kevin Dorsey and Tony Logan are all vying for the starting spot at the X-receiver position. At slot, Ronnie Tyler, Kerry Boykins and LaQuan Williams are making big plays. “That is kind of as good as it gets,” Friedgen said. “Our drops are down and our completions are up from last year.”

o Friedgen named five offensive linemen who have played solidly so far this spring: Justin Gilbert, Andrew Gonnella, Paul Pinegar, Bennett Fulper “most of the time,” and R.J. Dill, “who is playing very well right now,” according to Friedgen. Fulper, who suffered a season-ending shoulder injury last season, needs to get his arm strength back before next year.

o Friedgen is hoping for more harmony along the offensive line than last year. Having an established unit allows coaches to become more familiar with the group's dynamics and hone in on certain areas which need to be focused on. “You know what your weaknesses are so you and coach around it, or you know what their strengths are and you can coach to it,” Friedgen said. “But when you have one guy one day or one period or one week and one guy in the next, you never get continuity.”

o Running backs Da'Rel Scott and Davin Meggett are continuing to run better than they had in the past, according to Friedgen. Redshirt freshman D.J. Adams could see time this year, especially in goal-line situations. In fullback Taylor Watson's absence, Haroon Brown is playing well.

o Friedgen said the tight end position is looking better than it did last year. “We're blocking a little bit better,” Friedgen said. “But, it is still an area for us to get better in.”

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