Better Know a Terp- Paul Pinegar

Brian Bradley continues TSR's new series by profiling Paul Pinegar to discuss his position change.

During his four years as a Terrapin, Paul Pinegar has played four positions along the offensive line. Now, he faces the tall task of replacing graduate and NFL prospect Phil Costa at center.

Pinegar, the only senior on the offensive line, noted that his presumable role as the leader of the front five comes naturally with his class level. But, he's not taking his pedestal for granted: “I'm hoping everybody else looks up to me, but I won't demand that of them,” Pinegar said. “I kind of just let my actions demand respect, I don't really ask for respect at all.”

Offensive Line Coach Tom Brattan has been giving Pinegar respect. According to Pinegar, during the first week of spring semester, Brattan told him that he and the other coaches were confident he could succeed at a new position.

“I think the biggest thing that concerned me was snapping the ball at the same time as being able to move [and] take the right steps,” Pinegar said. But, “you block the same as a guard [would], so you're blocking the same people.”

While he said he's comfortable with the center's assignments, Pinegar added that he has struggled with some fundamentals since the move, including shotgun snapping and staying low in goal-line situations. But, the reality of spring practice is urgently pushing him to cultivate these skills.

“Spring practice is not meant to be easy,” Pinegar said. It “is important because it gives everybody the opportunity to develop their fundamentals, develop their knowledge of the game plans [and] develop as a person overall.”

Pinegar described himself as a non-vocal leader, who “let[s] the pads do the talking,” and continuously gives advice to younger linemen who may not know their assignments. While his personality on the field seems even-keeled, he also noted that he also sees himself as a balanced player, not preferring run blocking to pass blocking or vice-versa.

“I have strengths and weakness in both areas,” Pinegar said. “But if I had to pick [a favorite], I'd probably say pass blocking, just because a lot of times, the center gets help from the guards.”

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