Nation's Elite in Pursuit of Cook

2011 prospect Quinn Cook is receiving attention from some of the best college programs in the nation

Quinn Cook of DeMatha (MD) is considered to be one of the best players in the nation's loaded class of 2011. The 6'0 point guard is the number 31 ranked player in America and checks in at number six at his position.

Kentucky, North Carolina, Maryland, Georgetown, Virginia, Arizona, Washington, Kansas State, Kansas, UNLV, Villanova, North Carolina State “and a couple more” are the programs Cook said are recruiting him.

He lists offers from “all of those except for North Carolina and Kentucky”. Asked if he has any favorites, Cook replied, “No, not at this moment.”

“The connection with the coach, the impact of a freshman, and if it's a great school in general,” are the things that Cook will be looking for in a school.

Location is not going to be a factor in his decision. “No, no, not at all. If it's West Coast or if it's South, it doesn't matter.”

On what type of style of play he is looking for, Cook commented, “Definitely a coach who lets his point guard control the game, get up and down, but also can run a halfcourt offense.”

Does the Old Line State star feel like he would be a good fit in Maryland's style of play? “I think I could fit in well. Coach Gary Williams, he kind of lets his point guard control the game and things like that. Grevis [Vasquez] won the Bob Cousy Award and that's the most prestigious award you can win in college. Coach Williams has definitely produced some great point guards, he lets his point guards play.”

Although Cook lives “like 10-15 minutes” from the Maryland campus, he reiterated that the proximity would not play a part in his choice. “It's not important because I just wanna go where's best for me academic-wise and basketball-wise.”

“Mostly Coach [Rob] Ehsan, but also Coach [Keith] Booth and Coach [Chuck] Driesell,” said Cook of which Terrapin coaches he talks with.

While he primarily speaks with the Maryland assistants, Cook has also gotten familiar with Head Coach Gary Williams.

“Yeah, definitely, I came up to-I've met him over the years-I went to the NC State game and I got to talk to him, he wrote me a hand written letter, and when I went to the Duke game I got to talk to him as well. I've gotten to know him pretty well.”

Asked about his visits to the school, Cook commented, “It was cool, and I've seen the campus a lot because I have a lot of friends that go there. Just seeing the basketball facilities and everything like that, I enjoyed it.”

The elite floor general already has an idea of what he wants to major in academically when he gets to college. “Communications, sports management, or criminal justice. Those are the three main things and then I'll make a decision, but those three things are really appealing to me.”

Cook is lucky to have three people helping him through the recruiting process. “Definitely my mom, Curtis Malone, Coach Jones.” Malone is a coach with Cook's AAU program, DC Assault, and Mike Jones is the head coach at DeMatha.

“After I take all five of my official visits,” replied Cook when asked when he plans on making his college choice.

Does he plan on signing in the early period in November? “It all depends on how I'm feeling. I really don't wanna rush into a decision. If I feel as though I'm ready, I'll sign. If not, I'll sign late. I just don't wanna rush into a decision.”

Although he has a well-rounded game and excels in a number of areas, Cook is able to pinpoint what he feels is the strongest part of his game. “My leadership, just my competitive will. I'll do whatever it takes to win, [whether that is] getting 20 assists, trying to score, whatever it takes to win. That's probably the key to my game, my competitive nature.”

On where that competitive nature comes from, Cook remarked, “My mom says it comes from her. She says she's real competitive. My dad, I know he was real competitive, so I guess it comes from my parents.”

No player is perfect, and Cook recognizes what he needs to work on the most to be ready for college ball. “My strength probably because all the point guards at the next level are big and strong so I'll definitely be focusing on that this summer, just getting bigger and stronger.”

Speaking of the summer, Cook discussed what he plans are for the coming months. “I know I'm traveling with DC Assault AAU team and I'm going back out for the USA Team on June 18th for the FIBA World Championships.”

Asked how it feels to wear USA across his chest, Cook replied, “It's just an honor because it's the best of the best. You're not representing your name or your city, it's your country. You just wanna go out there and try your best for your nation.”

Gary Williams is one of many coaches across the country who hopes Quinn Cook will be representing their school come the fall of 2011.

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