Better Know A Terp - Jamarr Robinson

There has been some semblance of a quarterback battle in College Park this season, but it looks like junior Jamarr Robinson will come out on top with the job. TSR's Brian Bradley recently sat down with Robinson.

In his role as leader of the offense, Jamarr Robinson is confident he will continue developing into a complete player before the start of next season.

"Now that the game has slowed down a lot more, I feel like I'm just as good a passer now as I am a runner," Robinson said. "I feel I can depend more on my knowledge of the game and what's going on, and I can throw the ball better."

Robinson has also begun to develop a rapport with new center Paul Pinegar. Robinson emphasized Pinegar's smarts on the field. "That's his biggest asset," said Robinson.

Robinson added that, every day, he gains more trust in his nine receivers. "They're all playmakers when they get the ball in their hands," Robinson said. "It's on me to get them the ball in the right places so they can make the plays that they're capable of making."

While he said he's happy with his performance thus far in spring practice, Robinson is focusing on areas for improvement. "At the end of the day…it's about doing what you got to do…to better yourself," Robinson said. "I have to get better at my reads and knowing where to go. [Also], I feel like I can get better at my vocal leadership and motivating the guys, because…it goes on me to motivate everybody and get them going," said Robinson.

He admitted that Tuesday's chilly, rainy practice got to him, as he threw three interceptions. "That was my worst day ever," Robinson said. But, he said he didn't throw any picks in Maryland's two team scrimmages.

Robinson's unflappability is one of many keys to a winning season for the Terps. "As the leader of the offense, I got to bring everybody together and just keep the camaraderie going," Robinson said. "We just got to come together as a team more."

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