Coaches Take- Ryan Doyle

TSR caught up with Ryan Doyle's high school coach to get his opinion on the Terp commit

When Maryland picked up offensive tackle Ryan Doyle they got more than an outstanding young player; they received a new leader, according to his high school coach, Reginald Lucas.

The coach of Wake Forest-Rolesville High School (NC) believes in his player and thinks that he will make a difference on the Terps early on. Lucas said that Doyle's greatest impact last season came on the offensive side of the ball and expects the soon to be senior to do the same this time around.

Citing him a key source of the Cougar's successful season (14-1), Coach Lucas praised his ability to lead the team unconventionally. “Ryan is not a vocal leader,” said Lucas, “but he leads by example.” The team went to the fourth round of the playoffs but took their first and only loss of the year from Jack Britt High School.

Doyle is a dedicated football player, but he does not let his training and playing interfere with school. His coach said that he maintains good grades and has a great work ethic that will help be competitive at the next level.

Lucas said that Doyle's strength on the field is his ability to finish blocking assignments and that in order to stay successful playing ACC ball he needs to stay disciplined in the classroom and the weight room. As a good student, he will likely learn the nuances of the Terp's offensive game very quickly and make a serious impact for the team early on.

Doyle's quiet leadership skills, work ethic, and success on the field could translate to some starting time for him very quickly. “He has so much potential” said the coach, “and he's only going to get better.”

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