Tyler Harris Making a Name for Himself

2011 prospect Tyler Harris does not want to live in his brother Tobias's shadow.

The younger brother of class of 2010 top 10 prospect Tobias Harris, a Tennessee-bound McDonald’s All-American, Tyler Harris ’12 sometimes gets overshadowed, but that is beginning to change. With his brother graduating soon and Tyler coming into his own as a player at Half Hollow Hills West (NY), the younger Harris’ stock has risen and he is drawing interest from a plethora of college programs.


Virginia Tech, South Florida, Washington, Wisconsin, Boston College, Seton Hall, UConn, West Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia Tech, Maryland, and North Carolina State are the schools on Tyler Harris’ list. The 6’8, 190-pound wing said that he has “no favorites yet”.


He claims offers from UConn, Boston College, Seton Hall, North Carolina State, Hofstra, Fordham, and Duquesne. Asked if the three mid-major programs are being seriously considered, Harris replied, “Not really, but they still are.”


“Me and him always have been playing together all our life and it would be good if we played against each other one time. I would like that more,” said Tyler on his thoughts about playing with Tobias in college, adding that “yes”, he would prefer to go to a school besides Tennessee since Tobias will be there.


In addition to playing someplace that his brother is not, there are a number of things that Tyler is looking for in a school. “The style of play, the coaching staff, how the players act, the campus, . . . how nice the campus is and everything.”


On what exactly that style of play he wants is, Harris remarked, “Like an up-pace, fast-pace running game, catching it and breaking every time. I’m not really like a set play kind of guy.”


How does Harris feel he would fit in with Maryland’s style of play? “They have a good style of play, I liked it. I watched them a lot last year while I was on my brother’s visits. They do a lot of screens and everything, so that’s good to get off my shot. It was pretty good.”


Harris is being recruited to Maryland by Assistant Coach Rob Ehsan. “He’s a cool guy. We talk a lot and everything. He’s real cool; I can talk to him about everything,” Harris said. “We have been talking a lot, like when I went with Tobias on his visits.”


Asked for his overall thoughts on Maryland, Harris replied, “I like Maryland a lot, the campus is real nice and everything. The coaching staff is real nice, they are cool. When I was up there, the players were real cool; I got to hang with them.”


Originally a member of the class of 2011, the current plan is for Harris to do a year of prep school. Is that still the case? “As of right now, yeah I will be, definitely.”


Despite being 6’8, Harris sees himself playing the 2 or 3 at the next level. “For me, it would be easier to get my shot off because I’m much taller and I got a good lift on my shot. I can see the floor more. I can also be a point guard when I’m on the wing and see the floor,” said Harris on how his height helps him on the wing.


Harris lists his jumpshot as the strongest point of his game. As for his primary weakness, he said, “Just my strength. I have been improving on that a lot.”

While his brother is more of a face-up 4, Tyler sees a lot of similarities in their game. “With me and Tobias, we both like to shot, we both have great jumpshots,” Tyler said. “Tobias, he’s a lot bigger, stronger, he can post up players more often. His handle is better, but we can both take people off the dribble. We have a lot of similarities in our game.”


Asked what it was like to see his brother go through a rise to stardom and what he learned from it, Harris responded, “It was a good experience seeing him do all that. It made me wanna me just like him and be just as good or better. Seeing him get all that press and be a McDonald’s All-American, it made me wanna be like him. I’m gonna keep working hard.”


In addition to his brother being a star player, Tyler’s father also has a basketball background, and that has helped him a lot. “My father, he grew up playing basketball, so he always knew the right things to do, like which coach is good. He was also an agent so he knew a lot of people. He can tell when people are lying and has an idea of what type of coach is should play for.”


Just what type of coach is it that Harris is looking for? “Like a coach who does . . . keep on subbing you in and out. A coach, where if you make a mistake, then you have to redeem yourself [to him]. Somebody who lets you shoot because he knows if you miss, you’ll make the next one, and somebody who has a fast paced game.”


Harris is still not certain on when he will be making his college choice. “I’m not sure yet, probably during the regular time as everybody else,” he said.


“My goal is just to get bigger, get stronger, and get ready for college,” said Harris on what he hopes to accomplish in high school and AAU the rest of the way.


Speaking of AAU, Harris will be running with the Westchester Hawks on the circuit. While he was not sure of all the events the squad would be at, he did know some of the major ones.

“The next one we’ll be at is Bob Gibbons. It’s coming up [at the end of May]. . . . I’m not sure of those ones [in June and July] right now, [but I do know] we’ll be at Super Showcase and Nationals [in Orlando],” Harris explained.

With numerous college opportunities already in the fold and more sure to come, Tyler Harris will be working hard to reach the same elite level as a player and prospect that his older brother did.

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