Checking in with Tim Burton

2011 prospect and self-described "clown" can get it done on the gridiron.

CB Tim Burton (Cardinal Gibbons HS, Fort Lauderdale, Fl.) has taken a radically different approach to his recruiting than most.

“I really don't care,” Burton said. “I haven't bothered to even ask, because if I get offers from certain schools, I'm going to tell my coach to tell the other schools to stop.”

Burton said that he does not know which, if any, schools have made offers to him. He plans to ask his coach when school starts up again next week if he's received offers from his three top choices - Alabama, South Carolina and North Carolina, his number one choice.

“If I go to UNC, one of the top business schools in the nation, and if I don't go to the NFL, I can say 'I have a degree from North Carolina,'” he said. “Also, (UNC head coach) Butch Davis' résumé is off the charts.”

The self-described “clown” runs a 4.4 40-yd. dash, which he says gives him leeway on the football field.

“My speed helps me because I can get away with a lot of things,” said Burton. “If I'm in man, I feel comfortable with a man being three yards in front or behind me.”

Burton said he needs to work on his awareness, but his speed helps him make up for any deficiencies he may have in that area.

“When we play a team running and running and running the ball, I catch myself looking in the backfield,” he said. “My athletic ability sometimes bails me out of those situations; if I wasn't as fast, I'd be screwed.”

Burton said he plans on becoming more physical in the offseason after a solid season. He said he recorded 50 tackles and two interceptions as well as returning a fumble recovery and a kickoff for touchdowns and rushing for a touchdown.

“I'm ripped as hell,” he boasted,” but I don't want to put on any weight and lose my athleticism. If I'm not running a 4.4 flat or below consistently, I have a problem.”

Burton has been in contact with Maryland defensive coordinator Don Brown over the course of his recruiting and said that the Terps were planning on offering him a scholarship when they last spoke. Burton hasn't checked to see if they have or have not though.

“If I'm not cracking jokes,” he said, “I'm out shopping for kicks.” Burton s a self proclaimed nerd and said he has about a 3.3 GPA.

“I like a lot of scientific and history type stuff,” he said as a bit of personal background. “I like to watch Discovery channel with my girlfriend, but my friends don't know about that.”

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