Checking in with Kyshoen Jarrett

2011 cornerback prospect Kyshoen Jarrett checks in with TSR.

So how many offers are you up to now?


What kind of contact have you had with the Terps lately?

I haven’t talked to them for like two weeks but email is something we do as well

Which coach from Maryland have you spoken to the most?

Coach Lempa

How often would you say you two talk?

Probably once every two weeks. Depends on how much free time I can get with school and everything.

Have you been to College Park before?


Do you have any plans to come visit?

Yea, hopefully I will be able to. I just don’t know when

What is your overall interest in Maryland?

Well, I do have interested in Maryland. They aren’t behind or leading. I just want to evaluate the best way I can.

How are you evaluating schools? What criteria are you using?

I am looking for education, overall team, coaching staff, the respect and honesty. Facilities are nice but not important, also, a great college atmosphere.

How would you describe yourself as a player?

I am a good athlete or corner. I have quick feet, quick hips. I read plays well, like to tackle, love to play on the ball and smart at what I do.

Is there anyone at the college or pro level that you would compare your game to?

Dominique Rogers Cromartie, but when I play man, I say Darrell Revis.

Have you given any thought to what you might major in?

I am thinking Sports Management

Any favorites or top 5? or 10?

No, not yet. All schools are equal right now.

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