2011 Update- Luke Piotrowski

2011 hoops prospect Luke Piotrowski lists Terps in his top five.

For Atlantic Christian School rising senior, Luke Piotrowski, the recruiting process is heating up. Boston College, Siena, Florida, and Colorado have now entered the picture. All of the new schools have extended scholarship offers to Piotrowski, except for Florida. Luke continues to receive interest from Maryland, Richmond, and Arizona State.

Piotrowski has not determined his exact top choices, but he does have a few favorites. “If I had to pick my top few it would be Richmond, Boston University, Maryland and Arizona State.”

His favorite schools are just a temporary list, and he plans on narrowing down his list to a top 5 or 10 soon. “ I would like to narrow it down in the near future, but I want to take some visits before I do that.”

Piotrowski has said that he grew up a Maryland fan and has listed them in his favorite schools. Coach Driesell primarily recruited Piotrowski, however Coach Driesell recently departed to become the head coach at The Citadel. Coach Ehsan has now taken over as the lead recruiter.

“I talked to Coach Driesell about two weeks ago, but he was already recruiting me for The Citadel. It has changed my view a little bit. I really liked him and he was dealing with. Talk to Coach Ehsan now, but haven’t in a while. Their interest level may be about the same or dropped a little bit, but I don’t know for sure. I’m sure if I play well in July it will rise.”

So far Piotrowski only plans to visit Richmond, Boston University, to drop his brother off for summer classes, and Boston College after dropping his brother off. Those are his only immediate plans for the summer.

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