Checking in with 2011 prospect Vad Lee

TSR checks in with 2011 quarterback prospect Vad Lee after his visit to College Park last weekend.

Do you have an offer from Maryland?


How long ago did you get that offer?

That offer came like towards the end of the football season

What kind of contact have you had with the Terps since the recruiting process started?

I have been keeping in contact with coach Bankins for a while now and he actually came down to see my this spring

How often would you say you are in contact with him?

At least twice a month

Who was the coach who offered you officially?

I dont know, I just received mail from the whole coaching staff letting me know that I have a place at Maryland

What is your overall interest in the Terps right now?

Very high now after a great visit on Sunday. THey impressed me a whole lot. I really wasn’t expecting it to be that great

Was the visit for camp or just a visit?

Both, but I didn’t participate in the camp so more like a visit for me

What made the visit so impressive?

The most impressive part was the way coach Franklin expressed himself and the nice set up he had explaining how I would fit right in as a Terp! He made an ever lasting impression on me and I just felt comfortable with him only in one day. All the coaches were pretty cool as well

How would you describe yourself as a player?

Dual threat guy who has the opportunity to make my own plays on the ground if things break down but always looking to pass first!

Are there any players in college or pro who you would compare yourself to?

I am Terrell Pryor’s twin on the field.

What position are schools recruiting you for?


Even Maryland?


Besides Pryor, what other quarterbacks do you study?

Donovan McNabb and Peyton Manning

What are you looking for in a college program?

Campus lifestyle, location where I can fit in and benefit from the most. Also, a program that I can have a lot of success, also with great coaching!

Have you given any thought into what you might major in?


Besides Maryland what other offers do you have?

UNC, Duke, Ga. Tech, NC State, South Florida, South Carolina, Auburn, and ECU

Do you have a top 5?

I am looking at Ga. Tech, NC State, ECU, Duke, Wake Forest and now Maryland. I am still checking out everybody equally though. At this point they are all even.

Have you taken any unofficials?

Yes, to Maryland, Ga. Tech, NC State, Duke, UNC and ECU

When are you visiting College Park next?

I don’t know for sure but some time next month.

Any timeframe of when you want to commit?

Yes, the beginning of August sometime.

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