2011 prospect Chris Tavarez checks in.

2011 prospect Chris Tavaerz is multi dimensional not just in football but also off the field.

Do you have an offer from the Terps?


How often do you talk to the Maryland coaching staff?

I talk to Coach Bankins and Coach Brown like once a week either by email, facebook or the phone.

Who is your recruiting coach at Maryland?

Both Coach Bankins and Brown.

What are some other schools that have offered?

Duke, Kentucky, Vanderbilt, Harvard, and Tulane

Do you have a top 3?

No not yet, but Maryland is definitely in it.

What are coaches telling you about potential playing time as a true freshman?

They have not talked to me about that yet. At least Maryland hasn’t. Other schools say that there is a very good chance with my size and playing ability.

What were your stats last year?

120 tackles, 60 solo, 2 fumble recoveries and a touchdown.

So what is it about the Terps that have them as one of your favorites?

Well, a random fact about why I like the Terps so much is that no player from there has ever won the Heisman, so I wanna change that. Just watching them play Virginia Tech every year and seeing the intensity in the players eyes just makes me wanna suit up.

Any time frame in which you might commit?

Possibly the middle of the season.

Do you have any official or unofficial visits lined up?

Officials to Maryland of course, and Duke and Oregon but I have no dates set though.

What are you thinking about studying in?

I think I might study sports journalism.

Is there a pro player that you try to model your game after?

Troy Polamalu. I love his intensity, hard hitting, but yet he is completely composed and focused.

What are you looking for in a program and will playing time be a factor?

Academics will be first. I want to go where the coaching staff wants me as a student first and then a player. I want a school thats home away from home. Playing time will be a factor. I would like to have the opportunity to play as a freshman.

I have heard from a source that you were on the kid version of Survivor? Any truth?

Haha, yeah, it was a show called Endurance. I do a little acting part time.

Tell us more about Endurance.

It was great. I did it when I was 12 and all the other contestants were 15-16. I was the youngest to ever be on the show. I won a couple of missions with my partner. It was loads of fun.

I did not play this spring so I missed out on a bunch of offers.

Why did you miss the spring?

I was in New Zealand filming a new Disney movie called Avalon High. It’s actually a football movie (it comes out on the Disney channel in November). Coach Bankins calls me “Hollywood”

When did you begin an acting career?

Several years ago I had like three lines at the beginning of the movie Big Mommas House 2. That was my first big thing. In the movie Avalon I get to play the lead role, the main guy.

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