Randy Eaton Named Interim AD at Maryland

Senior Associate Athletic Director and Athletic Department CFO Assumes role of Interim AD.

Randy Eaton has been named the interim athletic director at the University of Maryland for the time being. Currently, Eaton serves as the senior associate athletic director and chief financial officer for the athletics department. After a 16 year tenure as the athletic director at the University of Maryland, Debbie Yow stepped down on Saturday, starting the process for a nationwide search for athletic director.

Yow has left the program in good shape for Eaton and whoever is announced as the permanent athletic director. When asked his opinion of the job that Yow did during her tenure, Eaton responded “Phenomenal. The University of Maryland athletic department wasn’t even on the map when Debbie arrived here. 20 national championships in 16 years, you can probably count on one hand the amount of Division 1-A schools that have won more titles than that over a 16 year span. She inherited a huge debt when she got here and has taken care of that. She has left us in good shape. I don’t know how anybody could say she didn’t do a good job while she was here at Maryland.”

It is not expected for Eaton to make any critical decisions over the next few months before a permanent successor to Yow is found. Eaton described his duties as just day-to-day operations since the budget process was completed back in April. “My duties, for a lack of better terminology, are to just not wreck the ship. I think we’ve been left in a very good situation by Debbie. If you look at most 1-A programs, when an athletic director of this stature leaves they have some pretty big issues, and we’re not in that situation. I think we need to just hold the course until it is time when the search committee can name a full-time athletic director and get him in here this fall.”

Eaton does not foresee any significant problems in the near future that he will have to deal with. “I think the things that we have to do are just day-to-day. A lot of the major things were dealt with during the budgeting process in the spring.” Despite a very poor season that resulted in low ticket sales for the football team for the 2009 fall season, Eaton does “not anticipate having problems balancing the budget again.”

Since the announcement of Eaton as interim athletic director, he has been contacting the Maryland head coaches to update them. “I’ve been in contact with as many coaches as I’ve been able to reach today just to let them know. I have a great relationship with everybody.” Eaton has personally met with and gotten to know every head coach throughout the years, with the exception of newly named men’s lacrosse coach John Tillman, who has been out on the recruiting trail since he accepted the position at Maryland.

Eaton came to Maryland in 2003 as business director of athletics and moved into the senior associate athletic director role in 2008. He has also worked in the athletics departments at the University of Houston, Texas A&M Corpus Christi, East Tennessee State, Ohio State, and Texas-San Antonio.

As the national search for Yow’s replacement continues, Eaton will not play a part in the search. “I will not play a role in that,” Eaton said.

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