LiGregni Still Interested in Terps

Despite the Terps cooling off on their interest, 2011 quartback prospect still has interest in them.

As the summer 7-on-7 series starts to wind down, high school football workouts are just starting to ramp up in preparation for the fall season. That hasn’t been a good thing so far for Ramsey (NJ) quarterback Anthony LiGregni.

“I haven’t heard from Maryland lately because we’re starting up with my schools practices and stuff so not a lot of colleges have been contacting any of us. I heard from them back in the beginning of summer. They were just saying how they wanted me to come to their camp,” said LiGregni.

Even though LiGregni hasn’t heard from the Maryland coaching staff for a few months, he still thinks they are a viable option. “Personally, I like Maryland. It’s a good school and I like the campus.”

LiGregni has spent part of the summer going to other camps up and down the East Coast. “I went to NC State earlier, and this Saturday (July 24) I am going to Akron. I went to the Holy Cross one too because they were really interested. I was going to go to Towson but I couldn’t make it out there.”

No offers have come in for LiGregni, but he is expecting to receive a few soon. He plans on making a decision after the season, sometime around December or January. “I’m pretty even on all of the schools but Maryland is a pretty solid choice. I like them a lot.”

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