Maryland High on Coffin's List

Coffin hopes Terps offer. He says the Terps are high on his list.

There had been questions regarding which side of the trenches David Coffin would be recruited for. Those questions have been answered when Coffin received a call from defensive line coach Dave Sollazzo.  Coffin raved about the coach and the defensive scheme.  He also mentioned the fact that he liked Maryland’s large, passionate fan base.  On the educational side, the engineering program also raises Coffin’s interest.

Coffin is now down to a top five, which includes Maryland, Delaware, Towson, Bryant, and Villanova.  He hopes that his performance this year at South River Senior High School will yield him more offers, especially from UMD.  He worked at a one-week football camp in preparation for his pivotal season.

As Coffin waits patiently for a call from UMD, he continues to work.  Coffin ended with these strong words, “To tell you the truth, I just really love football. I don’t care who I play for I just want to play. If Maryland offered me anything, I would take it.”  This is the kind of passion any Maryland coach, fan, or faithful loves to see.

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