Wendowski Waiting On Maryalnd

2011 North Penn prospect Gerard Wendowski is interested in the Terps and hopes to talk to them more.

As he practices seven-on-seven with his North Penn High team this summer, Gerard Wendowski is waiting to hear more from Maryland coaches before really solidifying his decision on where he will play his college football.

Despite only having Internet contact with coaches, the 6’ 2” 185 pound wide receiver still has Maryland in his top three schools, with Temple number one and Rutgers number two.

The brief interaction he has had with the Terps has been good and Wendowski likes what he has heard about the program. “I’ve head they are recruiting all over the country and focusing on reloading for the upcoming seasons,” Wendowski said.

Wendowski has been on a lot of visits this summer and, although he has not come to College Park, said he would like to.

The receiver has been to camps at Temple, Rutgers and Georgetown and also went on visits to Lafayette and St Francis.

The North Penn Knights team that Wendowski plays on just started practicing in pads this week but has been working hard all summer. Wendowski said that, as a receiver, he is working on running crisp, clean routes, similar to those run by Chad Ochocinco in the NFL. “I’m definitely trying to improve that part of my game,” he said.

When describing the parts of his game that would be best used in Division 1, Wendowski said he was mainly a possession receiver. “I have sure hands and I am a smart receiver that can block and be physical.”

The recruiting process, Wendowski said, has taught him how he must elevate his game at the college level. “I know what is expected of me. You’re mostly on your own in terms of work ethic and I’ve learned what it takes.”

The receiver has not gotten any offers yet, as multiple colleges are waiting for game film. In terms of a timetable for recruiting after offers come in, Wendowski would like to make a decision directly after his senior season ends.

But, before that decision, Wendowski definitely wants to hear more from the Terps. “I would definitely like to hear more from Maryland and find out what they’re about”

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