2010 Roster Preview- Quarterback

TSR's Pete Volk previews the Terps position by position. Today previewing the quarterbacks.

If you were trying to find something nice to say about the Maryland's recent history in quarterbacking, the word you would use would be consistent. Chris Turner spent most of the past three years as the team's primary starter, Sam Hollenbach the years before him. However, neither of them really impressed in their time under the helm, and the Terps are hoping to have their first All-ACC quarterback since Shaun Hill in 2001.

Coach Friedgen has named junior Jamarr Robinson as the starting quarterback for the 2010-11 season, and there really wasn't much competition – at least for this year. Starting out with Robinson, here's TSR's look at Maryland's quarterbacks:

Jamarr Robinson, JR (RS), Charlotte, NC, 6'0”, 195 – The favorite for the job coming into camp came out with it in the end. Robinson, the only one of the bunch with college experience besides transfer Clay Belton, had 459 yards passing, 229 yards rushing, and two touchdowns in seven games last season, including four starts. He's a dual threat at quarterback, with quick feet as well as a surprisingly strong arm, and the Terps he can find Torrey Smith accurately and often.

Clay Belton, JR (RS), Dayton, OH, 6'5”, 223 – As mentioned previously, the only other Terp quarterback with in-game college experience. Belton was a dark-horse candidate of sorts coming into this season, having shown promise at Miami (OH) during his freshman season, both as a runner and a passer. Belton threw for 639 yards and ran for -70 (42 without the college subtraction of sacks) in four starts, and has a big enough frame to draw comparisons to former RedHawks star Ben Roethlisberger. However, the transfer performed poorly in spring practice, and is unlikely to get any sort of playing time this year.

C.J. Brown – FR (RS), Cranberry Township, PA, 6'3”, 195 – Entering last season, Brown was the third quarterback on the depth chart (albeit redshirted). However, he seems to have been passed by fellow redshirt freshman Danny O'Brien in the minds of the coaches, not to mention the true freshmen coming in. Brown has a lot of work to do if he wants to see playing time in his career as a Terp. Obviously there are more factors involved, but he looks like the most likely candidate to transfer.

Devin Burns – FR, Columbus, GA, 6'2”, 185 – The only quarterback to enroll early this past semester, Burns has a headstart on fellow true freshman Tyler Smith in terms of the time spent with the offense. Burns' greatest assets are his feet and his brains, as he is an extremely intelligent quarterback who can make quick decisions in the pocket, whether running or passing. Like Brown, Burns has a lot of work he has to do in order to get playing time over his main competition, Smith, but he's a great kid who the coaches like a lot.

Danny O'Brien – FR (RS), Kernersville, NC, 6'3”, 215 – O'Brien impressed the coaches so much last season that they almost burned his redshirt (injuries and poor play from Turner and Robinson didn't help, either). He looked good during spring practice as well, although a distance second to Robinson. He's got a strong arm, and I wouldn't be surprised to see him start taking snaps away from Jamarr by the end of the season.

Tyler Smith – FR, Easton, PA, 6'3”, 195 – Smith was one of the best quarterback recruits in the country this past year, ranked 18th at his position in the country by Scout.com. He's a dual threat behind center, and has had the Maryland coaches salivating at the different ways they can utilize his ability. Smith is really the hope for the future of Maryland football (no pressure, right?), and fans can look to see him on the field as soon as next year.

Overall – C. The Terps have a lot of depth and a boatload of potential here, but not much promise for production yet.

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