Montgomery Going The Extra Mile

2011 cornerback prospect Steve Montgomery lists Maryland as one of his top five schools.

At 5-10 and 185 pounds you would assume Steve Montgomery is more of a finesse player at the cornerback, more of a speedy and athletic guy than anything else. However, while he is a supreme athlete, the Maryland recruit has made a name for himself around the recruiting world as a very physical defender. “I’ve always been the kind of player that’s going to get up in your face even if you’re bigger than I am. I just love to come up and deliver the big hit, and being a very physical defender can get in the receiver’s head,” said Montgomery.

Montgomery is hesitant to name a solid top five but has made a list of the schools that really have stood out to him. Maryland, Wisconsin, Florida State, UNC and West Virginia top his list. Maryland was the first D-1 offer that Montgomery received, coming in late January.

Although his passion lies at the safety position, because of his size he’s mostly being recruited to play corner in college, yet there is an aspect of the Terps’ defense that Montgomery is enticed by. “The defense at Maryland is very unique because the safeties and the cornerbacks shift around the field a lot and get to play in different spots on the field. So no matter where I would be on the field I would be moving around a lot.” And with more defensive backs on the field at one time, that equates to a better chance of playing for Montgomery, which is perhaps the biggest factor in his decision.

Montgomery has been taking summer courses so that he can graduate from high school this winter. This has always been his plan, so that he could get to the college he chooses early in order to get more practice in. “I want to get to college and get to know the plays and system. I am willing to put in the work, and I’m doing this to give myself a better chance to play early in college,” said Montgomery. Early playing time is a huge factor in Montgomery’s decision. “I want to be on the field early wherever I go because I feel I can help out my team.” Maryland has made it known that he could come in and play early in his career, as well as some other schools. This opportunity to play early is what Montgomery claims, “separates my top schools from the rest.”

The three star recruit from Miramar, FL is transferring from McArthur High to Miramar High this year because his family moved homes and Miramar is closer to his new residence. Yet, Montgomery is not fazed by the move, stating that, “both McArthur and Miramar have very good football programs.”

When asked who he would compare his game to, Montgomery didn’t hesitate to pick Bob Sanders, the Indianapolis Colts DB (sans the injuries). “We are both undersized for the position but we both love to just come up and hit people. I feel that I am able to cover the field like he can, and we both have the ability to get from sideline to sideline very quickly.”

Montgomery says that all the schools he named as his top choices have an equal shot right now, that there is no leader for him at the moment. He claims that he is going to keep in contact with all of them and then make his decision. He hopes to make a commitment before this upcoming season’s playoffs, so he feels he’ll commit around early November.

Montgomery says he has been in contact with quite a few coaches at Maryland but named Coach Don Brown (Defensive Coordinator), Coach Friedgen and Coach Kevin Lempa (Safeties Coach) as the coaches he’s talked to the most. While he has not visited College Park yet, Montgomery has an official visit scheduled for the season opener on September 15th when the Terps take on Navy at MT&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore

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