Coaches Take: Undray Clark

Coach Matthew Dixon dishes on committed Maryland safety Undray Clark.

Undray Clark is an undeniable talent. His high school football coach, Matthew Dixon, at Felix Varela in Miami, Fla., will be the first to make that point known.

“He is an all-around playmaker,” Dixon, who is heading into his second year as head coach at Varela, said. “He’s a well-rounded player.”

Clark committed to Maryland in late July and plans to study business management.

“I’m happy for him,” Dixon said. “It’s a great school and they’ve got a great program for his major.”

Maryland has a versatile talent coming its way in Clark, who plays all three phases of the game at Felix Varela as a safety, wide receiver and kick returner.

“He can do everything,” Dixon, a graduate of Guilford College in Greensboro, N.C., said.

Clark’s well-roundedness shined brightly in the 2009 season as he posted big numbers at positions he’s not even being recruited for with three blocked punts, three receiving touchdowns and 16 receptions. Dixon doesn’t want the production to stop after Varela.

“I expect the same out of him next year,” he said.

While praising Clark’s versatility and determination, Dixon recognized room for improvement during Clark’s senior season at Varela to help him prepare for football at the next level.

“He needs to work on overall strength, even though he’s a strong kid,” Dixon said. “He just needs to mature like every other kid heading to college does.”

His current talent level, however, leads Dixon to believe his player can make an immediate impact on the Maryland football program, specifically citing possibilities in nickel packages and special teams.

“He definitely could help out right away, but it depends on Maryland’s situation,” Dixon said. “He will compete for some playing time.”

The Terps will be receiving a natural leader in Clark, one Dixon said a lot of his teammates use as a role model.

“He leads by example,” Dixon said. “He’s not going to hoot and holler, but he’s not quiet. He’ll talk when he has to.”

While quick to mention Clark’s outstanding playing ability, Dixon was even quicker to commend the safety’s dedication to academics. Clark is an honors student and says himself that his studies come before football.

The professors will have to worry about the grades. Clark and the Terrapins have a 2-10 record from 2009 to clean up.

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