News and Notes- Practice Four

TSR breaks down some news and notes from today's practice.

There was a big scare during a drill involving the wide receivers and defensive backs, as junior safety Kenny Tate came up limp following a play in which he and receiver Kenny Boykins had to fight for position in the defensive backfield. As soon as the play ended, Tate immediately reached for his right leg and gingerly tried to walk off the injury. Luckily, after a couple of minutes the defensive back returned to practice and showed no ill effects from the encounter.

The same drill featured a terrific matchup involving number one cornerback Cameron Chism and All-ACC wide receiver Torrey Smith. The talent of the two players was obviously top notch, but what really stood out when they faced off was their physicality, which reached a climax when on one play, both players ended up on the ground from fighting so hard for position.

The quarterback and receiver drills were interesting to watch, as both the signal-callers and wide-outs seemed to struggle with out-patterns to the sideline. Even experienced receivers like Torrey Smith and Emani Lee-Odai were struggling to haul in passes that seemed to be at least somewhat catchable. After watching a few too many drops, the coaching staff spent extra time with the players on the pattern until they began to look and feel more comfortable.

Jamarr Robinson continued his streak of strong practices with another superb showing. He showed velocity on all passes, and even showed a tight spiral and terrific accuracy on a couple of long bombs downfield.

Not surprisingly, senior offensive lineman Paul Pinegar looked terrific in blocking drills. The tackle-turned-guard-turned-center had no problem keeping his man in front of him, and was noticeably lauded by the coaching staff for an impressive performance.

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