Coaches Take: Andrew Zeller

Coach Pat Conrad Gives TSR the Scoop on Maryland Commit Zeller.

When Red Lion (Red Lion, PA) offensive lineman Andrew Zeller committed to Maryland at the beginning of July, Red Lion head coach Pat Conrad knew the Terps would be getting a player who would only get better as time went on.

“He’s only 16 years old right now, so he’ll graduate when he’s 17. Right now he’s 6’5.5” and 290 pounds and he’s actually pretty thin. I think he still has a little bit of growing left in him. He might top out at 6’7”. He’s got a frame where he could carry 330 easily,” Coach Conrad said.

Bulking up shouldn’t be a problem for the future Terrapin, as his work ethic and maturity levels are advanced for his age. “He’s a great kid. He works hard in the weight room. He was just named one of our captains. He’s a very good student with over a 3.5 GPA and over an 1100 on his SAT’s. Overall we’re pretty pleased with him as a player. I think his potential is unlimited.”

Zeller’s coach sees him redshirting once he arrives on campus, mainly because of Zeller’s youth. “He could take some time, and I wouldn’t want him to play as a freshman. I think he’s realistic about that. He’s young for his class so with like with many Division 1 kids, we recommend that they redshirt because would you rather be 18 years old playing against 23 year-olds or would you rather be 23 and playing against young kids? You just get that extra year to learn the system and get stronger and acclimate to the level of intensity.”

When asked about what position Zeller would play in college, Coach Conrad responded “he would probably be a guard, maybe a strongside tackle on the offensive line. He does move very well though. He’s got quick feet so I wouldn’t rule anything out. For his size, he’s very quick and he’s got good hands.”

Maryland coaches are already anxiously awaiting the arrival of Zeller. According to Coach Conrad, “they’re very high on him. They like his work ethic and the way he fits on the football field. He’s a really big kid with a lot of skills and a lot of potential.”

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