Recap of Terps Last Scrimmage

Coach Friedgen was not impressed with teh Terps effort in their final scrimmage before Navy.

Following the Terps’ scrimmage Monday evening, head coach Ralph Friedgen was simply not impressed. The penalties committed by his team seem to be a nail in his side and the coach will just not stand for it going further.

“What happens is when you have penalties, you have no continuity,” Friedgen said. We did that all last year. Stupid stuff. Stuff that just drives me crazy. It’s not like I don’t preach it. It drives me nuts.”

“You can’t do that and expect to win,” he added.

Friedgen referred mostly to the penalties that slowed down the Terps’ offense. One example he used was the offensive line picking up the pressure and blitzes, but penalties got the better of the team. And while the players were making plays, he did see the bright side.

“Most drives are centered around one big play, and when you keep nullifying that play you can’t be successful. Hopefully that was a learning experience for those guys.”

While Friedgen said the “lack of focus and concentration” was frustrating, he did think that team fatigue played a major role for the sloppy play. Therefore, the scrimmage was the “last day of big hitting” for the team because it is hurting the players’ ability to concentrate during practice lately.

But amongst the disappointing play, there were a few silver linings. Quarterback Danny O’Brien, safety Matt Robinson, cornerback Dexter McDougle and Zacharia Kerr all earned praise from the head coach.

Friedgen said Robinson performed good coverage with some big hits, McDougle had a pick and that Kerr was getting noticed more by being “all over” the field. Kerr had six tackles and a sack.

Quarterback Jamarr Robinson was 9-14 for 102 yards with a touchdown and an interception. Da’Rel Scott ran for 50-yard touchdown run and Davin Meggett rushed for 40 yards on six carries. However, Friedgen said the defense dominated the scrimmage, saying “the defense got the better of the offense today.”

Other than penalties, Friedgen was disappointed with the lack of red zone scoring by his offense. The first team scored just once after four red zone attempts.

In a side note, both tight end Devonte Campbell and linebacker Alex Wijciak returned to the field today after injuries.

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